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    Q128H - Clicking when at low speeds

    Try checking your spoke tensions first Matt, I had a similar sort of noise coming from my xiongda wheel.
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    Xiongda 2 speed motor has died

    Pity about the hot air blower, It certainly made a difference for me. I had got to the stage where I was using a such a long lever that the pin was bending and likely to cause damage to the thread. I've just 're read the earlier part of this thread and noticed you were trying longer pins...
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    Xiongda 2 speed motor has died

    Hi handbaked. Try heating around the edge of the plate using a hot air gun before using too much brute force. This worked for me when I changed the grease inside my motor. Tip originally courtesy of D8veh
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    vintage electric bicycle.

    Depending on your neighbours age, you could be getting into a grey area, o_O
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    vintage electric bicycle.

    I'd rather be out on a bike than be gardening. :D
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    vintage electric bicycle.

    Really interesting write up and a beautiful bike Craiggor. Great effort. What a bargain these batteries were, I re-batteried my Cytronex trek using 3 of these and got carried away and electrified my old Hawk Trackatak with another 3 plus a 2 speed Xiongda kit from Panda. I've got 6 fast...
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    Small Battery Bargain.....?

    Hi Chris, I have 3 for my project and they did get quite warm and smelled on charging. I think the smell is mainly due to the newness of the batteries. Did you charge them side by side? Warm air comes out of the charger vents and so I made sure there was a good gap between them when in use and...
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    New(ish) products on the streets

    Great posts Andrew, keep 'em coming! :)
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    Anyone else ordered Trek nano (Cytronex)?

    Hi Westrichard, sorry to hear about your problems. I have one of the earlier Cytronex Trek bikes and have been using it regularly since May 2008. I have not experienced any trouble to date and regard it as one of my best buys ever. Regarding the "pop" when you connect the battery, this...
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    E-Bike Of The Year 2009?

    I'd like to vote for the Cytronex Claud Butler, as the Trek 7.3 fx version is no longer available.
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    UK e-Bike Market

    Hopefully, when it gets to the struggling stage I'll be able to manage a "moped" type e-bike with stabilisers before a mobility scooter becomes necessary. Planning ahead.................:D
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    Hit the magic 50 today...

    methinks a drogue 'chute is required for decending Porlock Hill
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    Beware the Chinese Box

    Pete, I don't post on here much anymore but I have to say that was the funniest post I have read for ages. Keep 'em coming, this Forum benefits from the occasional injection of wit. :D :D :D
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    DIY front light

    Great post NRG, I fancy making one myself. Where did you get the LED from? cheers, Mike
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    E-bike Of The Year

    cytronex trek, does what it says on the tin and just keeps going. :D