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    Heavy 20 stone rider suitable bike
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    Unavoidable Bicycle Badger Collision

    Wow, hope you get a speedy recovery mate, sounds awfully painful.
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    New to E bikes

    Well done you!
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    Hi I'm New Here

    Hi Andy, hope you are better now after your covid experience. I have only started the ebike scene myself but am sure more established members will be able to help you with your need. Ride safe.
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    Petition to increase speed assist limit on E bikes

    I am new to the ebike scene, only got my first ebike a couple of weeks ago, I am also a motorbike rider for many years, currently have a BMW R1200GS. IMHO I think it should stay as it is. If you want to go faster, get a motorbike. God forbid, any faster on an ebike without body armour, and if...
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    New to the ebike scene!

    The GC has a rear hub motor Shengyi DWG22C. I am 6' 2" and heavier than you, you won't have a problem with the bike. True that you have to use the pedals for the steepest of hills but no matter what ebike you get, you will have to provide some sort of input from yourself. The bike looks better...
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    New to the ebike scene!

    You have not stated how tall you are, if you are 5' 8" or over then this would fit the bill: I just bought one. I cannot fault it, it really is impressive with excellent customer care. Will save you a lot of dosh too.
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    Any Woosh Gran Camino owners out there?

    I did exactly the same thing, I must have pressed it when I was riding it, could not read the info about the button as no instructions came with the bike. You are so right, it does look so much better IRL. Does look a very nice bike indeed. Glad you're enjoying it as much as I am.
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    How to carry a 2nd / extra battery ...

    This was suggested to me by egroover. In the end I decided to go for this one due to...
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    Any Woosh Gran Camino owners out there?

    Has anyone found where the serial number is? for the life of me I cannot find it!
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    security and insurance and just bought this as it is compact and not too heavy, poor bike has enough with me on it lol
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    Bike Insurance

    Glad I found this page, £17.92 full year, £2000 cover, thank you very much!
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    Any Woosh Gran Camino owners out there?

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what batteries the lights need please?