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    Hello everyone. Retired teacher her

    My god the insurance companies must run a mile when they see your record. Sorry to be flippant and good luck in future.
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    3rd party bosch batts now available

    Hope I do not need this but I have just had a500 on Gazelle grenoble go dead 2 years and 4 months in. 9750 miles in the 2 years despite Covid (2 year warranty) but with help of lbs who provided info I had been off bike for 3 months because of prostate cancer removal (look up radical robotic...
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    What else are we going to need?

    You can get a bring bring from asda for less than £2 last time I bought one earlier this year but who knows after Brexit (joke) before we get too far off topic.
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    Stand-alone insurance for e-bikes

    I guess if you were threatened or knocked off and bike stolen technically it was still in your possession and control until forcibly removed If stolen by cutting bike lock again in your control but ombudsman would probably agree with you as otherwise there can be no valid claim ever if...
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    Prostatectomy saddle

    Thank you for your input. I think 3 months is likely to be my time period also. If you could share your experiences re peeing and time schedule. In order not to derail thread maybe private email to geoffkendall101. At. Hotmail. Dot com. thanks
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    Prostatectomy saddle

    You are so right. It is said more people die with prostate cancer than from it but in my case it had nearly spread to my bones which would have meant "Good night Vienna" or major chemotherapy all because I was not as assertive as I should have been. If spotted earlier it could merely been...
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    Prostatectomy saddle

    Absolutely. will take time to heal. Surgeon reckons a month but I am reckoning on 2 months before I get in saddle literally as well as figuratively
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    Prostatectomy saddle

    Hi all Received Good advice to buy gazelle grenoble bike approx 2 years ago from you good people Done approx 9000 miles in 18 months so good advice. I am now back for any further advice I am to have radical robotic prostatectomy (look it up on Google) at end of month and I wonder if anybody...
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    Some of you guys/girls do know about specs on e-bikes > what u reckon on these specs on this bike ..

    No it is not but he is one of the most helpful trade contributors
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    EBike for tall man with arthritic hip

    One tip I was given was to lie bike on ground (gently of course). Stand over bike and lift up. An 82 year old traditional cyclist gave me that tip. Bike is obviously heavier than standard but enables you to have greater choice of bike rather than restrict to hybrid. I have Gazelle grenoble but...
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    hi, new to this site, looking for ebike advice

    Hi I have a Gazelle Grenoble c8 which was not cheap at over £2500 but havng sold car had the money. I love it as riding position is great. Could not get away with normal MTB stycle as having to lift head to see forwards. Dutch style has you there automatically. Retired 76 year old not having...
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    Hello all.

    Hi, I have the Gazelle Grenoble c7 which was recommended here as a good bike. As you will know it is expensive approx £3000 but it is solid as a rock and it has provided me with the best fun with my clothes on for a long while. Am out 4 /5 days a week doing up to 40 miles a day. Have even had...
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    Insurance for electric bike - looking for a recommendation and advice

    Hi, I am looking at Lite lok £90 for my Gazelle c7 cost £2749. if you purchase lite lok from them they will insure me for £40 per year. Only stipulation is "suggested" photo of bike locked up each time. No issue with camera phones really as picture is date and time stamped. When as a Luddite...
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    Lidl Cycling hemet

    Thanks for looking. Similar but no flashing indicators etc. Was interested to see if anybody had used to see if indicators were just a gimmick. I understand the red light but not convinced re indicators. Geoff