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    RE: Bosch Active-Line motors - a cautionary tale:

    Back in the distance past (70’s) My dad would say “don’t ever buy a Ford car” his logic was “you see a lot more fords broken down than any other make” a true statement but there were a lot more Fords on the road in the first place. o_O :D
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    I agree with Jokskot regarding Smart Sam’s, I had a thorn through a Smart Sam Plus two weeks ago and it was the first time I’d been proper off road in months. Most of this year I’ve been using Big Apples mostly on the road (fitted to a different set of rims) they have also been ok on dry trails.
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    RE: Bosch Active-Line motors - a cautionary tale:

    Back on topic Heres a quote from “the bearing man” on another forum It is my business to fix ebike motors. I eat sleep and breath motors and that's all I do! I supply parts and fix Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Impulse, Panasonic etc. I can tell you that they all do what they do and they do it well. I...
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    Buying 2nd hand.

    I’m on my 3rd mid-drive bike (2nd Bosch) and I covered 5,000 miles on this one, it’s on its 3rd chain and 2nd cassette and chainring. ive never had a chain failure on any ebike but I have had one go on my analog mtb :confused: should the worst happen, I carry a chain breaker and a quick link, so...
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    Cycle Carrier overhang

    Go for it, As a retired mechanical engineer, I’d knock something up in my shed and not give it a second thought. I’m always reluctant to suggest that other people make stuff themselves as some of the people I know struggle t make a cup of tea :D
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    Cycle Carrier overhang

    If you can do 3D printing why print a wheel ? You can print a bracket that fits the rack better (maybe a permanent fit) and takes a Q R skewer :cool:
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    Cycle Carrier overhang

    I can’t answer your question but here’s a crazy thought o_O If you’re going to remove the front wheel anyway, you could possibly fit a very small wheel from a child’s bike, then it would still fit a standard tow bar carrier ;)
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    Shelsley Hill climb on my Cube

    My sister is on holiday in the Malvern hills and I popped over to join her for a few days so we could do a few rides together while her chap was fishing. She just happened to be stopping in a cottage next to the start line for Shelley Walsh Speed Hill Climb ! It’s legally classified as a...
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    Carrera Crossfuse

    from memory ? my sisters crossfuse has Shimano brakes with 160mm dia discs front and back. I believe it’s this type...
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    Scott ebike cafe lock

    There was a post not that long ago where someone was using that type of lock outside the supermarket. While he was shopping some ne’er-do-well just picked the bike up and walked of with it. Personally I’d bin it in favour of a lock that allows you to secure the bike to a fixed object.
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    Gtech City (used) or Halfords Step Thru (£699).

    Where do you get off insulting total strangers, your a 2hat my local Halfords have a competent mechanic who has been more than helpful in the past when I needed parts for a special build, not all branches are the same.
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    Electric Bikes and Global Warming.

    And here’s me, just brewed up and worried about where to put my used tea bag :p
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    Gtech City (used) or Halfords Step Thru (£699).

    From Halfords, I have a Bazingo MTB (analogy) and my sister has a Crossfuse with Bosch motor/electrics, Both are working fine. Ive no problem buying from Halfords but I do do my own maintenance ;)
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    Do they make removable water bottle cages?

    How much o_O I made a few of these a while ago for some of my cycling buddies, the bits cost less than a fiver per unit. They fit nicely on the top tube for easy use while riding.
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    Help! [Newbie] Batteries in Autumn/Winter

    From the same article I quoted earlier. ”Several Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries caught on fire in 2016, and the investigation revealed the mechanism that lithium dendrites caused an internal short circuit”