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    Recell Battery

    Truth is stranger than fiction Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived...
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    High mileage

    Total mileage is now over 26.5K, but that's over 3 kits. The current Thorn with Q100 and bottle battery from BMS has been going for nearly four years, so 15K at least. I'm amazed at the (total) reliability I've enjoyed from cheap Chinese components. I've just given the battery the BGA...
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    what milage life from 10.4ah for work related all year round users

    I purchased a pair of 36V 10.4A batteries from BMS Battery nearly four years ago. One developed a fault early on, the other's still going. I cycle around 4,000 miles a year on a 16 mile each way commute. My journey is all hills and I maintain 16 mph average. I did there and back on a single...
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    There's a couple of aspects of GCI's scheme that don't make sense to me? Firstly, it is the employer who provides the credit. To utilise your licence, GCI must provide the credit, so presumably are doing so on an interest free basis? Secondly, you appear to claim there are no exit fees, so...
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    new tyres

    I swapped my Big Apples for Marathon Plus as I experienced about two punctures every 5,000 miles or so. I chose the biggest MP (2.25 I think, available on the continent), also in 26 inch. I expected a more harsh ride, but was still surprised by the decrease in comfort, even with reduced...
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    DIY eTandem ..newbie

    Hello, from the far side of the Daw End Branch. Never understood electrics on a tandem, I thought you shouted at her to pedal harder:D I think the point is that tandems are allowed 350W?
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    I own a Nissan Leaf ev, and considering an electric bike

    EVs are like electric bikes - they're only effective in certain circumstances. If you a, have off road parking with access to the mains; b, your daily drive covers a regular distance well within the advertised range and c, you hardly ever have the need to travel further afield, they can work...
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    Bike to work e-bike

    Couple of thoughts; The £1,000 'limit' on cycle to work is the exemption from the Consume Credit Act granted by the OFT. Unless your employer's scheme uses this artificial limit, there's nothing to stop you spending more, but only £1,000 can be 'financed'. I agree with Rob F. Although my...
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    Drink drive

    I was cycling out of the City after a Christmas party last year. Bobby was standing in the middle of the road directing all traffic into a car park to be breathalysed. 'Can I carry on?' I asked. 'You're not drunk are you' he replied and waved me on:)
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    How many bike can you get via cycle scheme?

    I'm on my third, numbers two and three being a pair of Bromptons. Need one for either end of the train journey - obviously:D So long as the employer doesn't mind, sky's the limit.
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    jimmy from brum

    Hi James. I cross the city east to west most days. See quite a few ebikes, but no conversions sadly.
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    [Feb 21, 2015] CANNOCK CHASE - 21st FEBRUARY... (Cannock Chase - Birches Valley Visitor Centre)

    I'm not far from the Chase and fancy a look around. Would my suspension free commuter deal with the terrain you have in mind?
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    Various motors, controllers and other bits

    MAC abd BPM gone
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    Various motors, controllers and other bits

    Phil, I regret I don't have much more information, I bought them from Frank Field off here and his advert included; " I bought this as an alternative to Tongxin’s own ones and asked Keywin (aka eCrazyman) to build it up with robust mosfets to make it more resilient than Tongxin’s own ones."...