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  • Hi! Are you still looking for eBike stories? Mine began 9 months ago having given up my road bike because of knee damage/age (torn cartilages/70) and the fact that I live in rural (ie bumpy) Wales. I bought a Powerfly 7 and my car has since done 600 miles and the bike 3,000+! Life-changing in so many ways - health, enjoyment of life, huge reduction in petrol/CO2.
    Hi Helen
    Could you tell me the Forum,s policy on posts discussing blatantly illegal products.? ( Eg Badass Dongle?)
    This will get pedelecs banned. It gives the wrong impression. It fosters law breaking. Its not healthy. Its wrong. Why are you permitting it ?
    Hi my wife has joined but she did not get an email, she tried to re do it but it says the email is all ready in use.
    it was on 29/04/2016 she use the nickname of tracy.
    Hi Helen,
    I have recently joined, and when I post it shows my Full name, instead of a nickname - like the other members. I cannot find a way of changing it, Can you change it as an administrator? Something like StewC, StewartC or Stewface. what ever is not already taken.
    Hi - can you please let me know how to sign up as a trade member? We have messaged in the past I think but had no reply, thanks
    Tried to change my password, message came back "Your existing password is not correct"?
    Tried several times but no joy
    This was immediately after logging in successfully?
    .Update - now appears to be ok.
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