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    What do you guys think of Scott bikes?

    I’ve been looking at a Scott Axis eRide Evo Link Its one of a very few fully equipped bikes on the market with full suspension, which is what I’m looking for. I know that they‘re a well known brand, but I have no idea if they’re reliable or well made etc. How does the quality compare to a...
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    For Sale Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 1 Open, 2021 model, xtra small

    That’s not strictly true. Many dealers will be happy to transfer warranty if you just ask them first and we’ve found that Moustache dealers seem to be nice people! Ask you local Moustache dealer and see what they say. In any case, I would be happy to take the bike back to our Moustache dealer...
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    Wanted Ladies bike wanted

    My wife’s bike is up for sale! (Link)
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    Bosch Intuvia

    I stand corrected!
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    Bosch Intuvia

    I think the intuvia uses a cr2032 or equivalent non rechargeable battery. If you replace that, it should work.
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    Hi from Wales!

    Taken up cycling again after many, many years. Loving every minute of eBiking!
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    Ali Express, thoughts.

    Buying from Ali is like buying mail order from Del boy. You may get what you ordered, you may not. If it breaks, you’re on your own - he’s got you money and you have his problem. I’ve bought many things over the years from AliExpress / Baba and only once did I not regret it. Not going there anymore.
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    For Sale Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 1 Open, 2021 model, xtra small

    This is the xtra small 2021 model that’s perfect for someone who is up to 5’5”. It’s beautifully made, petite, around 4 months old and covered 200 miles. The 27” tyres are puncture-resistant Hutchinson Python 2 and have also been slimed! Equipped with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with a 400aH...
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    Transferable Warranty

    This assumes that B1 will act in this manner. Most will not and will simply walk away. Even if B1 gives assurances that he will act for B2, he may change his mind later. What are you going to do, sue him?!
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    Transferable Warranty

    Only Specialized and NCM have warranties to be transferred. Wisper do not - I called them and they said they didn’t. 2nd users absolutely have no legal recourse under law to force any company to extend the warranty to a second user. Buying a second had ebike is a minefield as you never really...