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  • Hello Jerry. I have been inspired by your electric bicycles based on Tongxin motors and finally i made my own . Thanks for all informations ,i'm very happy from final result.You can check my thread.Thanks again.
    Dear Mr Jerry Simon,
    I'm a local dealer of electric bike motors (with Tongxin motor) in Belgium.
    I'm looking for a little piece of the eletric motor kit of Tongxin. I need only the big steel ring around the little bearings. On the photos you posted on this forum I've seen the ring that I need.
    Where can I buy this ring? Or can you give me some usefull info about a European importer of these spare parts?
    I'm new to this forum so I might not be contacting you properly. I'm interested in one of your 80mm motors for my brompton. How do I pm you?
    Thanks in advance
    Hello Jerry
    I have a quote for £1.25 per spoke including brass nipples for my brompton Q85 conversion.
    For the radial length i have knocked off 1.2mm from what the on line calculator recommended. Does this sound ok to you? Much appreciated.
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