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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Most of us up here wouldn't want a bridge to Northern Ireland to be built. It would only really be busy in July and we don't want them coming over.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    So, he's NOT Scottish? I can relax now :)
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    Guy on Facebook said Police took a ride on his bike ?

    Hang on a minute. You can't come on here and speak sense. Where will it all end?
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    I was in a Wimpy last week up in Dingwall. It's like stepping back to the 70s. It was great. ;)
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Sounds good to me. :)
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    Hub or Mid Drive? Any views?

    In that case, every company in Britain could simply import their stuff and stick a British flag on it. They wouldn't need to make anything in UK.
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    Kudos secret review

    You can phone Kudos and buy parts from them . I bought a new wheel for mine a couple of weeks ago and recieved it the next day. I've always had great service and very quick delivery from Kudos.
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    i hope you enjoyed your holiday, don't worry, this thread is still in the same place as when you left. ;)
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Do you acually believe that you know what you're talking about?
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    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Indeed, I cycle past his shale bings regularly.
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    And i thought i had seen it all

    I should think so too. It's a major selling point. ;)
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    Happy Birthday

    My Kudos Typhoon is 5 years old today. It's still doing the business and still getting me up hills faster than others. :) My Kudos Tourer will be 8 years old in July. It must be time for another bike, suerly. :)
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    Street legal

    The easy way to find it will be when you ride it. If it goes over 15.5 mph with the motor still working then it's de-restricted. On my bike you could also change the wheel size setting so it could go faster but still only show 15.5 mph. I guess you'd know if that's happened to yours as it...
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    strange problem

    Count your blessings. ;)
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    Help - too many punctures

    That is my experience of slime filled tubes as well.