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    RedShift Shockstop Suspension seat post

    If you haven't ridden with a decent suspension seatpost, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effective they are. They are not like riding a full suspension MTB, but are more than adequate for on-road and light trail use. One thing to bear in mind, is that the the suspension part of...
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    RedShift Shockstop Suspension seat post

    I'd normally suggest the Suntour NCX seatpost as a cheap and cheerful solution. I've used them successfully. Unfortunately, I think the shorter of the two options that Suntour offer is 350mm which you've indicated to too large for your bike. The Suntour post can't be trimmed / cut to length...
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    Tandem Conversion: 1st questions

    GreySpike, I think I'm fairly competent with the mechanical side of things, but if you are moderately capable of twiddling a spanner, I think you'd be fine with fitting a rear-hub kit. I added some extra steps to my tandem conversion which were probably not strictly necessary. For example...
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    Tandem Conversion: 1st questions

    OP, we are slightly older than you and went through exactly the same reasoning for converting our tandem. My first comment would be whatever system you choose, you’ll love it. It makes life so much easier. You will find convincing arguments for all three drive systems and in fairness, all...
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    Newbie considering an e-conversion. But what.

    With respect to the torque available from some of the Woosh kits, I'd endorse what vfr400 has stated above. I bought a Woosh DWG22C 48V hub kit to provide some assistance for our tandem. This was suggested by Woosh as their recommended option for something big / heavy. It has certainly not...
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    Help! Convert new bike vs build my own (Short person issues) // Pls post if You converted a small bike 14" 15"/16"

    I recently converted a cheap n' cheerful Halfords Apollo Belmont to an e-bike using a Woosh DWG22C kit. The frame is 18" in size, but happily accommodates an HL battery case. According to the Halfords web-site, this size frame is suitable for someone from 5' 3" upwards - maybe still too...
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    Help! Advice on choosing rear hub motor/kit

    We have the Woosh DWG22C kit & the 12Ah battery on our tandem and I've been impressed with how much torque and range it has. I would certainly recommend it (and Woosh) based on our experience. It has no trouble propelling us along the road or climbing hills - although I should qualify that by...
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    E-Bike recommendations for my wife with MS

    Would something like this: be worth considering? You could have a 'normal' e-bike and convert it to a three wheeler quite easily.
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    Hub motor and V brakes - how long will the rim last?

    The all up weight and the speed of the bike will be significant factors. When I was about 12 stone 7 pounds, it took me around 20,000 miles to wear through the front rim of my hard-tail MTB (on road use only) which was used in all weathers. It had cantilever brakes rather than V-brakes, but...
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    Whoosh DWG22c 48v rear hub kit fit march 2021

    Your best bet is to contact Woosh directly and send them some photos of your bike. Their web-site lists some of the obvious 'gotchas' that you may encounter. On the face of it, your bike looks as though it would be OK for the DWG22C kit. You'll need clearance for a 180mm rear brake rotor and...
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    Solo elderly tourer

    If you are happy with your present bike, then I'd look at converting it with one of the many kits available. You do need a bit of mechanical ability, but nothing too drastic. I bought my kit from Woosh bikes and have been more than satisfied with it. Range might be an issue for you if you are...
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    Awaiting approval before being displayed publicly ?

    I had exactly the same thing when I tried to post a review. I tried again and it worked 2nd time round.
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    Tilting 3 wheel reverse trike a new build

    That looks a pretty neat rear disc conversion bracket - did you machine that yourself or was it a purchase?
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    Tilting 3 wheel reverse trike a new build

    I assume the stub axles are quite substantial to cope with the intended cargo weight. Do you know if the hubs use plain roller bearings or adjustable taper roller? Just curious.