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    Tilting 3 wheel reverse trike a new build

    What an excellent concept. Looking at their web-site, it doesn't seem to be too heavy or bulky. The overall width looks to be only about the same as normal handlebars, so shouldn't adversely impact the manoeuvrability advantages of a bike either. Great conversion.
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    Conversion fitters in Liverpool

    If it is manufactured in the Far East, would it be a Chinese Wisper?
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    Help! Max Rider Weight on 6061 T6 Aluminium Frame

    I recently fitted a Woosh kit to my tandem: My experience so far may be of use to you as the overall weights will be similar. See this thread for more details...
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    Help! Woosh bike battery, need help with mounting frog battery, somewhere somehow, safely

    I too have recommended Woosh to other people because of their good reputation - which was borne out by my own experience in dealing with them. In several parts of their documentation, they are quite explicit in terms of advising that the kits are intended to be fitted by users with a very good...
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    Whoosh DWG22c 48v rear hub kit fit march 2021

    Agreed - I've been pleasantly surprised by the power of the motor and the range of the battery. Woosh do seem to provide pretty honest and accurate information about their kits. Makes a nice change from some of the hopelessly optimistic claims you see bandied around!
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    Replace the gear cassette on an e-Bike?

    What vfr400 has stated is correct in terms of how the PAS operates on my kit. My (12 magnet) PAS only needs a 90 degree rotation of the cranks to start working and it will keep the motor engaged even if the cranks are being rotated at a very slow rpm. I'm far from being an expert on e-bikes...
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    Orbit Tandem & Woosh DWG22c 48v rear hub kit

    Hi Neil, I posted on the tandem club site too, but they make it quite difficult to upload images, so I also posted on here. The extra lever on the bars is an old-style MTB thumb-shifter and is used for the third (V-brake) on the back of the tandem. We don't go touring or carry heavy loads, so...
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    Suspension seatposts question asked by oldie

    danfoto, that's great news, glad to hear it's doing the trick.
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    Woosh My first build (inc pics)

    Excellent. I had just as much satisfaction in modifying my bike as I now do riding it. I bought a Woosh rear hub kit too and everything went together with a minimum of fuss. Enjoy the 'new' machine :)
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    Suspension seatposts question asked by oldie

    My partner is also 60Kg and the standard spring at the minimum pre-load setting works fine for her. I couldn't get a soft spring a the time we bought our seatpost, but she's perfectly happy to keep using the standard spring as it takes away a lot of the road shock. The sleeve is just a...
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    Suspension seatposts question asked by oldie

    You may be OK regarding the setback as most seatposts normally have some setback - the in-line seatposts are less common. As it happens, our tandem has an in-line post on the front and a Suntour NCX on the back so you may be able to see the difference:
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    Orbit Tandem & Woosh DWG22c 48v rear hub kit

    sjpt - sounds like you had quite a 'road-train' going at some points in your tandeming career!
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    Are 9 speed shifters different from 10 speed shifters?

    I'm not certain, but I think 7-8-9 speed MTB rear derailleurs / shifters are all interchangeable. From 10 speed upwards however, the cable pull ratio is different. I don't think a 9 speed shifter will index a 10 speed rear derailleur in the correct 'steps'. I have never tried it myself, but...
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    Suspension seatposts question asked by oldie

    No - if your seatpost diameter is 27.2, that's the size of NCX you'd have to order, 31.6 is measurement of the seatpost diameter and is too big to fit her bike. The other measurement is the length of the seatpost - either 350mm or 400m sizes are available. We have a 27.2 x 400 on the back of...
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    Suspension seatposts question asked by oldie

    Another endorsement of the Suntour SP 12 NCX. My partner (same age as your wife) has one on the back of our tandem and she wouldn't be without it. They are very good indeed for the money.