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    Powabyke Xbyke/Tongsheng TDZ - a 'not another build thread' thread

    Nice job, well done , it looks really handsome!
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    Help! tongsheng tsdz2 250w 36volt - terrible noises after 450Km

    Completed 250 miles on my TSDZ2 conversion and all is well, but I have read a number of threads reporting issues with TSDZ2. I'm interested to be well prepared for any eventually so could @Nealh guide me through how to check the connections of the phase or hall sensor on the internal controller...
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    My cursed TSDZ2...

    Yup, I have about the same 1 to 1.5mm
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    Adding front & rear lights to E-bike

    Yes the one I purchased has gone up in price . Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ AVY N LED Front Light Black 162RN It has "+ &-" IN and "+&-" OUT. But you do not need the OUT to the rear light because the lighting cable that comes as part of the TDSZ2 Kit is a "Y" cable. It has a plug for the dual...
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    Tongsheng TSDZ2 250w ... 36volt or 48volt?

    Hi Swizz, I have simply used the lighting cable that came with my 48v TongSheng kit. The speed sensor had a "Y" dual socket so plugged the sensor into the one and the lighting cable into the other. Bought some low cost front & rear lights and it all works a treat . The VCLD5 provides DRL & full...
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    Adding front & rear lights to E-bike

    So I received an email from AXA explaining that the bare twisted wires are simply inserted & secured from beneath the terminals . Installed the lighting cable harness to the AXA Slim rear light under the pannier rack with cable ties and connected up to the terminals. Added some clear silicon...
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    Adding front & rear lights to E-bike

    The male connector on the AXA is definitely not a normal spade male connector. It appears to be a spring 'U' shape with holes to accept some sort of locking arrangement. No instructions and nothing on the AXA website.
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    Adding front & rear lights to E-bike

    The female spade connector on the TSDZ2 lighting cable are 3mm. The male connector on the AXA is 5mm . See attached
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    Adding front & rear lights to E-bike

    I have recently completed a converting a 25 year old Specialized Hard rock using a Tongsheng TSDZ2. The kit came with a Y-type dual speed sensor socket & cabling to add front & rear lights. I have purchased an AXA rear lights but the cabling supplied has different types of push-on connectors...
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    Battery charging, how often

    An interesting read from a diverse range of knowledgeable individuals. Please would someone be kind enough to prepare a simple guide based on the consensus of the opinion shared above? For example 1 Charge your battery when you reach 1 bar on your battery indicator 2 Charge your battery to full...
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    Tongsheng TSDZ2 review and build tips.

    UPDATE Well, I thought I would share my initial experiences . This is my very first experience of riding an E-Bike so I have no reference or datum point compared to many others on the Forum. What an enjoyable experience it is to ride routes that were deleted from my cycling range because my...
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    TSDZ2 Crank fell off - what spec for replacement nut?

    After reading this I checked the crank bolts before going out today and found that both required half a turn to reach full tightness. So after just two gentle rides , 10 mile + 14 miles, the crank bolts required tightening. I'll check them before each ride from now on.
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    Chain lube

    What about using Lithium grease? Or just more snake oil?
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    Tongsheng TSDZ2 review and build tips.

    Well done @Pedant peddler that's a really nice build. What have you set the "Assist ratio setting" (A) to? Have you left it at the default of 16 ?
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    Wheels, Lights, helmets Upgrade Recommendations

    So here is my very first E-Bike build. The plan was to start with a low cost entry into an E-Bike using the Bike I had (25 year old Specialized HardRock) and then if all went well to upgrade the bike to add some of the posh kit! So I would appreciate recommendations for the following planned...