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    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    Hi Guys . Its been a while since i was last in here :) .. Bought my kalkhoff BS10 (45km) from 50 cycles just under 2 years ago . I was recovering from a cancer op & needed something to Get me on my feet again . Well here i am up & running & a lot of km done here in Norway , the bosch motor gave...
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    My first commute - feeling hopeless :(

    Hi , i bought my bike this year & like you i was as green as grass , 750 kilometers and a lot of mistakes later its now just pure fun , bought myself a kalkhoff BS10 from 50 cycles & it has performed without a hitch , i live in Norway & use it on a 30 kilometer round trip every day whatever the...
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    Kalkhoff BS 10

    Hi again ,, well the bike har arrived and so has winter here in Norway lol , the bike has been put together and the battery is charged ,, but the snow is still outside the front door ,, looks like it may well clear up at the weklend, must admit its a good looking bike and i really am looking...
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    Bulgarian and Romanian Immigrants

    What the hell has all this to do with El Bike,s ?
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    Johnderh kalkhoff BS10 400 Wh

    Can you let me know what gears & how ? Regards john
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    Johnderh kalkhoff BS10 400 Wh

    Merry christmas to me just ordered my kalkhoff Endevour BS10 & it should arrive sometime after the new year , as i said earlier this bike has been bought to get me on my feet again after undergoing cancer operation in september , i will try & keep you all posted about my usage & also my weight...
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    Johnderh Air Freight

    Looked at the ryanair terms , they will only air transport batteries for medical equipment .. Ebikes are no go .
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    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    Hi , i have not bought my bike yet but have a running dialog with 50cycles regarding the kalkhoff bs10 :-) i live in norway & have just recovered from cancer & have made up my mind to do the 12 kilometer trip to work from aporox march month i will use jan & feb for trying & info gathering , i...
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    Johnderh kalkhoff BS10 400 Wh

    Thanks for the input :-) good to hear other points before buying :-)
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    Johnderh kalkhoff BS10 400 Wh

    Hi hello again :-) , well it looks more & more like i will go for the kalkhoff BS10 400Wh & 350 w & 36 volt motor :-) , do any members have this bike & can you help me with plus & minus about this bike , i have had very good info & quick replys from 50 cycles ( Tim & James ) and i am considering...
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    Johnderh Air Freight

    Thanks guys , all the info i can get really helps :-) live in Norway & wanted to buy from the uk & bring back here ,, may have to get it sent ,, love those kalkhoff bikes :-)
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    Johnderh Air Freight

    Have any members tried to send there ebike by air & been refused transportation from the airline company ? Or any good tips & hints how to get the bike sent ? It seems one airline company here in norway have classified ebikes as dangerous goods , more than likely because of the el components on...
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    Oldman here

    Good to hear you are getting better regarding thr cancer bit , this is why i wish to buy a ebike i had cancer of the left kidney & now want to build mysef up again , just got to get myself one of those grace bikes :-) or the diavelo au2bahn 45 ,,, lovely stuff
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    Hi all , just a wee hello from Norway :-) , i have not yet bought a bike but have been drooling over the diavelo au2bahn 45 or a kalkhoff :-) i will be using the winter to read as many tests as possible :-) as you can imagine there are no end of good roads & offroad cycling here ,, i'll keep...