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    Anybody got experience of "Juicy" e bikes?

    They are POR and that I too think it is a very wise part of anyone's requirements. However most ebikes do include them as a matter of course. In Juicy's case we use Continental Brand. It may be best to contact the team via sales or support email. The support team are excellent in my view so...
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    Anybody got experience of "Juicy" e bikes?

    In my opinion, given your good level of fitness you should look for a bike which you can have serviced locally and be able to try before you buy. Bikes are becoming lighter which is useful for storing and moving the bike when you're not riding it. Juicy have trouble keeping up with demand at...
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    For Sale Juicy Ticket e,bike for sale

    There's no need to register. You just need your receipt for the next owner. That's a pity about Trikes and Bikes - it would certainly have been the most convenient for you.
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    For Sale Juicy Ticket e,bike for sale

    We would need to check with the original retailer for the date of purchase and as part of their role they would carry out any work with us supplying any parts. If the work was carried out somewhere else then it would be fair for the owner to pay for the labour charge. We would still provide...
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    For Sale Juicy Ticket e,bike for sale

    That's a great shame about your wrist - hope it gets better very soon. Regarding warranty about this bike being transferable, all we would need to honour the warranty for the next owner is for warranty claims to be handled via the original retailer who we hope keep all the sale records. ie also...
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    Women's upright e-bike - £1.6k max budget

    Demand has been mental since lock down was hinted at being lifted and was at +200% YOY during late March, climbing steadily since to over 300% today! We do have access to our French partners stock. In france they were really serious about the CV19 virus and couldn't sell bikes. Now opening bars...
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    Cycle to work Juicy bike vs Forme Buxton

    Personally I would suggest a lightweight electric with 28" wheels. We do 3 models and we also have a stockist in North London that stocks other makes too. So you could choose from someone local with access to plenty of alternatives. And we do have Compact Plus in stock to send out tomorrow if...
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    Cycle to work Juicy bike vs Forme Buxton

    Personally I wouldn't recommend a folding electric for commuting more than 7 miles each way. That's for comfort - smaller wheels are twitchy and the ride is less relaxing. They are quite awkward to carry too and better suited to the boot of a car than carried onto trains. Sorry to sound...
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    Cycle to work Juicy bike vs Forme Buxton

    Can I ask how far your commute is and in which location? What is your level of fitness and your confidence on a bike? Your size would help too of course. And what is your motivation for the commute - improving fitness? Saving money? Avoiding congestion (cars on roads, people in trains)? It...
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    Help! Desperate to buy!

    You really shouldn't buy anything before trying first. I know lock down is difficult but returning an unsuitable bike will be the mustard on the cake, so to speak. Most bike shops are open with sensible restrictions. We have closed to the public but have many stockists. And fresh stock in 2...
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    Looking for folder with suspension and hub gears - do they exist?

    I'm pleased Bryn was helpful John. The only advice I can give is that you do take a test ride. Many of our stockists are still operating, as allowed by Government advice. You can find our retailers list at our website or here for convenience. We are growing all the time, perhaps because of our...
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    Another newbie question

    Hi Chris A trip to a good electric bike stockist is always very informative. At our workshop in New Mills, North West Derbyshire we have our full range of Juicy and Neomouv bikes (including Bosch and Shimano centre drives, Bafang and Aikema hub drives) and we have a local stockist in Sheffield...
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    Looking for a light weight e bike. Currently have free go hawk

    Hope someone recommends one of ours... Would be wrong for me to do so!
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    Juicy Classic Dutch or Apache Wakita City 2020 model 26 inch?

    Pleased you like our Classic. Before anyone can say if a seat adjustment will be okay or not, try one. If you let us know which shop is neatest to you I can check they have one available. Our website also gives a range of inside leg measures suitable for each bike but that on its own is...
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    Batavus Lento

    Before my time! But to be fair the seat does adjust the full range...