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    Insurance for electric bike - looking for a recommendation and advice

    Thanks guys, looks like there was some sort of user input error. I had just ended up with rider cover despite entering my bike make, model, serial number, address date of birth etc!
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    Insurance for electric bike - looking for a recommendation and advice

    @AlexAlex0 - puzzled over why you’re not sure if an Ebike or it’s rider needs Insurance. Are you immune from bad luck?! I just got ebike insurance through Chain Reaction Cycles site. Bike, Personal cover and Third Party insurance £2.99 per month. Mega-expensive (to me) bike needs some sort of...
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    Nothing like binding your time

    How do you think it would be for off-road? Nothing too serious, trails and rough paths rather than mountains and downhill courses
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    Meets in Cornwall

    If you go just a couple of miles north from Redruth towards Four Lanes and find the Great Flat Lode trail car park you can do a nice out-and-back to Bissoe via Carn Marth and ”Mars” (or Wheal Maid) near St Day.
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    eMTB owners photo and ride thread.

    Out for a ride on the coast at sunset last night.
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    New Bosch gen 4 motor soft wear update

    I’ll look forward to getting my motor upgraded and exploring the eMTB modes, I cant say that I’ve clicked with riding my Powerfly at low speed over very rough ground yet.
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    Add me in please. TR13 Breage
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    Best emtb

    I just came from a hardtail 29er MTB, a 10 year old Gary Fisher Xcaliber. This Weekend has been my first full FS eMTB experience and I can tell you: I’ve been missing out Like I had no idea! Like you it was the cost that was stopping me, I finally reached the point where I was going to go FS...
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    Yaay - New Bike Day!

    I’m going to do exactly that very soon!
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    Yaay - New Bike Day!

    Just about to jump on it again as the sun’s shining, the air is clear and there’s a lovely local hill or two to be climbed on Father’s Day! Luckily my LBS had a tube in stock yesterday, so I’ve at least got one if things go pear-shaped this afternoon.
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    Meets in Cornwall

    Resurrecting your ages-old thread having just moved across into the eMTB world. Did you find any meets, as I live in the area.
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    Hello from the Lizard, Cornwall

    I’m just up the road from you, then: Breage. Just bought my eMTB for enjoying some more of the lovely tracks we have around here. I cycle round Godolphin, Carleen and take in some trails around Culdrose and down to Trelowarren and Tremayne Quay. Love walking from Helford around to St Anthony and...
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    Yaay - New Bike Day!

    Out to a local spot yesterday. needed a couple of stops to pump up the front tyre, leak’s not catastrophic out and about but does go completely flat over about 4 hours. Quite a lot of grins! :D
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    Yaay - New Bike Day!

    Boo - Flat tyre on the first evening! Bought a Trek Powerfly 4 LT this afternoon. Really looking forward to getting to know the bike better. Happy with the feel of how it rides so far, but obviously not happy with a puncture on Ride #1; a fairly tame local one, at that. Probably a pinch or a...