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    Can’t find S-pedelec insurance anywhere, please help

    Totally agree, it is really hard to find a good insurance company. I found out about this one when I was talking with my friends and they told me that it has the best bicycle insurance policies and also has full coverage e-bike insurance which I haven't noticed...
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    Woosh Lost keys - what can be done?

    And this is what I now tell everyone I know who is starting to ride a bike. On quarantine, I decided to figure out bikes, and now I can fix it myself. But I recently went to again because someone tried to cut the lock off. How it pisses me off when people do that...
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    Woosh Lost keys - what can be done?

    I bought my bike a couple of years ago, and I was immediately advised to find a good repair shop so that if anything happens, I don't have to look for a handyperson frantically.