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    Bafang C961 display

    No reply in 7 and a half hours.:eek::oops::rolleyes: Thanks for all the goodwill and advice gents.This is the shortest time I have ever joined a forum for. Im out, and anyone I speak to looking for ebike advice will be told by me not to come HERE ! Bye Stay safe.
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    I’m on a mobile, no instructions to left on Google maps ?
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    Bafang C961 display

    I’m a 66 yr old guy with a left knee that’s waiting to be replaced so thought ebike would be good for me
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    Bafang C961 display

    Hi all, My first post, just joined, and as usual I expect, I need advice. Im the proud owner of my first ebike, a Lombardo Valderice, bought second hand but has only done 13 miles! I have found the bottom bracket securing the above display snapped, and went looking for a spare with no luck...