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  • Could you tell me if the Bluetooth adapter S01-BF5 is it compatible with the Bafang rear motor RM G310 250 DC and the Lishui Controller 1448-2F 36V 15A ?

    With this adapter, is it possible to set the maximum speed of the motor and disable the limit speed of 25km/h ?

    If yes, just after setting the speed, is it possible to remove the Blutooth adapter or it must remain still connected ?
    Hi Three,
    Do you know how to transform a bsshd with free-wheel to one with coaster brakes?

    Be Johan
    hi I am very interested in purchasing your coaster brake motor kit. Are you producing them? Where can I get more information?

    Thank you for your time

    Hi mechaniker, I see you are from Lishui. We are wanting to spec an e-bike which has a Bafang rear hub motor. We want to utilise torque sensing on the crank and I have heard that Lishui is doing a crank torque sensor, but I can't find any details of this product. Is it a proven system? Cheers!
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