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    Climbing Hills with a BBS01

    I tried that, but it kept falling off the crossbar! ;)
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    Climbing Hills with a BBS01

    I can certainly recommend the Eggrider! Where I live (not the UK), the police have started checking "homemade" ebikes and fining people, and it gives a quick and easy way of switching to a "street legal" configuration, even letting you deactivate the thottle if you use one.
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    Climbing Hills with a BBS01

    You might want to read this article on "hacking" your BBS first, as there are many settings that can fry your controller if you get them wrong: I started off using the cable, but then discovered the Eggrider which...
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    8fun crank drive kit

    Hello The kit I bought (BBS02 500W) doesn't say how may watts it has, only "48V 20A", plus the serial number which I believe indicates that it was manufactured 21/04/2014.