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    Carrera Crossfuse V Crossfire

    One problem that I had with my Crossfire (and also apparent on a shop demonstrator) was it would frequently become very difficult to pedal - like pedalling through treacle. The Crossfuse hasn't had that problem (I swapped it for the Crossfire and about £300). I once thought I was getting the...
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    Bosch active line plus thoughts

    Surely not Marcus. Or at least only when you are going uphill. My Activeline Plus is seamless when I go through the 15.5mph on the flat. Absolute pleasure to ride unassisted Mike
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    Help! Winter is eating my bike alive.

    I ride motorbikes through the winter and use acf50 which is great stuff, but recently I have been using some Honda Moly60 paste. It's expensive but probably any molybdunum paste would do. I am amazed at how it has remained on the rear sprocket, the brake pipe banjos and various other crappily...
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    Waterproof phone cases

    iphones have been waterproof for some time. Mine is an 8 Plus which sits on my ebike and on my motorbike in all conditions and is fine. I think even the 6 is waterproof in that it will withstand rain but not dropping in a pool. Mike
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    What's the best bike from Halfords or Decathlon?

    My Cross fuse has a 50nm motor and I'm pretty sure that they all do. It's the ActiveLine Plus. Yes they have put the price up a lot since they realised it's a much better bike than the Carrera. Halfords will give anyone 10% discount if you just ask - in my experience. I thought the...
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    Suspension seat post?

    IIRC on the Suntour you can specify different weights for the rider which can help if it's going to bottom out, but it is of course a compromise with only really about 35 to 50mm of travel at best. A great compromise in my opinion though. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the slightly...
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    Which motors don't feel like riding through treacle above 25kph?

    well if you go to Halfords and try a Crossfuse demonstrator it will have the latest Active Line Plus motor. Take a picture of the bike and motor If you order one it takes about 3 days to come and it will have the latest motor, but if for some strange reason it doesn;t you can just say you...
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    Which motors don't feel like riding through treacle above 25kph?

    Yes - That's what I thought all the modern ones did - ie the Euroregulations allow them to keep powering the bike at above 15.5mph but only to provide the smooth transition to no-assist. I wonder if coming the other way - down from say 20mph, does the assist gradually kick in or is it sudden at...
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    Which motors don't feel like riding through treacle above 25kph?

    I really don't get this. The Bosch ActiveLine Plus motors (and the Active Line is the same but less powerful), do NOT have the treacle effect unless they are faulty. I thought mine was faulty because for a while I was getting that dreaded treacle that the Crossfire rear hub one had often...
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    Which motors don't feel like riding through treacle above 25kph?

    Just to clarify - as I don't think the OP was asking for a cut-off point above 15mph. On the flat there is a seamless transition on my Crossfuse (activelineplus) from assistance to non-assistance. At 17mph on the flat it is very easy to pedal - or at 20mph. Uphill is different of course...
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    Which motors don't feel like riding through treacle above 25kph?

    My Crossfuse has an active line plus and definitely does not 'treacle' above 15mph. It is just like riding an ordinary bike - no noticeable resistance. My Carrera Crossfire (Rear hub bafang) was also good like that - except when it wasn't which was why I swapped it. But on that the treacle...
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    cycling to the NEC

    That's a thought. There are cycleways shown there on opencyclemap - But I wonder if (expensive) electric bikes get nicked from a railway station? Mike
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    cycling to the NEC

    I want to go to Motorcycle Live on my pedelec. I have (eventually) got confirmation that I can leave the bike with visitors' motorbikes in the secure Hall 16, but nowhere on the organiser's site or the NEC website is any information about cycling around the complex (ie getting to the halls that...
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    Suspension seat post?

    Yes - you think it's not working until you ride behind someone with a Suntour and see how much movement is going on Mike
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    Suntour Hesc display/controller - can you buy a spare?

    never bought one. swapped the bike as it was always going wrong.