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  • hi, is cycle charge still operating ?? Tried to join via your website but get error message / page unknown etc
    Proud owner of a Sinclair eMezzo was getting lonely all by itself. I'm thinking of ways to modernise the C5 into a C6!
    Shannock: before my illness I was planning to develop a "smart battery" which would precisely address the type of situation you face!
    Hi Peter, I will have a think about your Ezee battery, what type of cells does it have, the usual 18650 size ones?
    Thanx everyone for welcoming me back! I'm overwhelmed that people have been so kind and supportive.
    2nd part. It is an Ezee 36v 15 amp .I still have key switch,case and bms. I think new cells are called for. Any suggestions would be good.
    Keep improving and I look forward to hearing from you. Peter
    Good evening Paul, thank you for your e-mail. It was a suprise to hear from you but I am pleased you are feeling better and that you are getting into harness again.
    I still am wanting to source a replacement for one of my Ezee batteries. They are flat cells and I have taken the defective one out but the soldering is difficult as it is thick and I do not have an iron that can redo it.
    Hi Morphix Hope you have now recovered from your illness. I am looking for a price and timescale for a 36v 20ah Li-ion rectangular battery and charger. Thanks Alan
    Recovering from a serious illness since Nov 2014.. Making steady progress and gradually getting bettter. Thanx for suppport and well wishes!
    I'm currently recovering from a life-threatening illness since Nov of last year.. O
    hi there are you open for business yet. I want to buy a conversion kit for my road bike. I would like a small front wheel drive motor fitted into my 700 wheel. with a bottle type battery. With all the bits and bobs. Can you help. I am a novice.
    I've been ill so apologies for the delay sorting out e-bike kit and battery orders, we're getting there, slowly but surely!
    Hi Morphix, I got your name from d8veh
    I am looking to buy a Li-Ion 48v 10/12Ah battery & charger
    Are you still selling these & if so how much?
    My current Li-Ion 48v 10Ah pack is faulty, do you repair these?
    Thank you
    Hi -

    I saw your discussion about the bargain Li-on batteries. Would be very interested in buying the 36v 9Ah bottle battery & charger &/or the 36v 10Ah rectangular battery & charger - if either or both are available could you tell me exact price and Paypal details (for payment). Simon
    Working on CycleCharge - restoring the old website and transistion to the new one.
    Hi Arrow, sorry delay, mainly down to the website relaunch taking longer than expected and different membership card approach with QR codes.
    Currently working on the newly updated CycleCharge 3.0 re-launch, while doing some housekeeping and clearing out the warehouse.
    Busy working, as usual, and suffering the usual annual cold! Soon flying to Spain and Gibraltar to do some e-biking mediterranean style ;-)
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