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    Basic Cameras

    There are lots of cheap GoPro type cameras on Amazon. I recently bought one for about £40 to mount on my bike and the video quality is very good. As you need to view on an iPad you could simply get a Lightning to SD Card reader. I did that some time ago and it worked ok.
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    Tow bar bike carrier advice

    My Thule Velocompact 3 is rated for e bikes and is so easy to put onto the car.
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    Suspension seat post , better road tyres , nice looking rear and front mug guards , oxygen s cross mk11

    Hi, I have very recently started cycling. I'm 65 and disabled and feel the bumps so ..... I bought a Zoom Suspension Seat Post from Amazon for £25. For me it has been worth the price and was very easy to fit. I just had to play around with the tension setting a few times to get it just right...