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    Looking for his and hers folding ebikes around £800 max each

    Only one bike I can think off is the woosh rambletta. My wife has one and loves it, I would buy one but if i bought another electric bike i would be booted out the house. Here is a picture of it after cycling round the isle of cumbrae. The new version has a disc brake.
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    Isle of Cumbrae electric bikes

    Myself and my wife have just cycled round the Isle of Cumbrae, her in her woosh Rambletta and me on my normal bike. Last time we done this was about 6 years ago. Last time we never seen a single electric bike. This time apart from the hire bikes I reckon about 30-40% were electric. Even a load...
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    Hi Terry, Not much goes on with regards to meetings around here (glasgow), but if you just get out you always meet tons of folk. What bike is that you have ?
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    Help! Thought choosing would be easy but...

    I would agree with Steven, get any of the main crank drives and you will be ok. But do not get hung up on the torque figures. I have a shimano system with 60 Nm torque and in boost mode can easily get me up hills that I would struggle to walk up. Although the crank drives are better up hills...
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    By way of introduction - Hi!

    I would not get too hung up on the torque figures your ride is relatively flat. I use a shimano E7000 regularly on a route with over 1000 ft climb with some very steep sections. Obviously depends on your fitness but I find the E7000 which has I think 60 Nm more than enough for any hill I...
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    Swytch on the beach

    The way I look at this is similar to vidtek, who cares ? The whole bike and kit came to less than £700 already had a lot of use out of it. The base bike will be fine and any component on the swytch or bike can be replaced. I would not take my voodoo Bizango onto the beach as it’s considerably...
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    Swytch on the beach

    Woke up this morning and a little surface rust appeared on the fork legs. Maybe there before but it just rubbed of with a dish cloth and some rubbing it came off. Took it to a tap and rinsed it down. Think it’s wise to keep it away from the water pools. The beaches up this part of Scotland run...
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    Swytch on the beach

    Hi vfr Yes I kinda knew that, done a costal run on a Honda XR years ago. We stayed next to the sea for a week then headed home. The rust started appearing really fast on items like the exhaust. So will stick to the roads for the rest of the trip. But it was fun
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    Swytch on the beach

    3 miles on the beach, even with electrics it was some workout . Would never have attempted it with no electrics was great fun.
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    I use a D-lock and a cable both from kryptonite range. But the best defence is common sense, if the area looks dodgy then cycle on.
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    Hello from Cornwall

    Welcome to the forum, there is a wealth of knowledge on here. You will never look back once you make the switch to electric. I am more than capable of cycling without electric but i do so much more with the electric assist. I bought a voodoo Bizango with shimano system to explore the forest...
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    Woosh Rambletta cut out

    Hi VFR, You were correct it was the main cable from the battery terminal to controller that needed replaced. Slightly tricky but not too difficult, hardest bit was routing it through the frame but all is well now.
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    Woosh Rambletta cut out

    Hi Guys, Just a quick update as I hate leaving these threads open ended with no ending. Great service from woosh(Andy), component was sent out and replaced. Was out with the wife today and the rambletta performed perfectly, and there were some pretty mean hills where we live.
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    Woosh Rambletta cut out

    Hi Woosh, Yes will have a look tomorrow, battery is on charge. Thanks
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    Woosh Rambletta cut out

    The battery has never ever shown the blue colour but always shown green when fully charged. But the bike still had full bars on the screen when it cut out. I have a multi metre I can check a few things.