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    cycle with or against the traffic when using a cycle lane?

    Out of interest, when you use a cycle lane, do you cycle like the guy in this shot from Google street view, against the traffic, or with it on the other side? I always cycle with the traffic - but am i wrong?
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    Interpretation of the Highway Code changes

    Yeah, that was obviously extremely dangerous. Especially to the car driver ironically enough. If his gamble hadn't worked out, I reckon that in the split millisecond where it became obvious that they were going to collide, you might well have been able to take evasive action by virtue of lower...
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    Interpretation of the Highway Code changes

    Just going back to this topic - and with emphasis on that case of the driver who was fined for being slightly over the white line and too close to a cyclist coming in the opposite direction, who was nearly in the middle of the road while going past a stationary vehicle. One thing which is not...
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    % of battery power left to use.

    I don't have a percentage readout, just bars. One thing I've noticed is that when in motion, the LED indicator tends to give a lower reading than is available in reality. For example a week or two back I had forgotten to re-charge the battery, so was only on 2 bars when I started out to work (6...
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    Interpretation of the Highway Code changes

    Great point and something I've been wondering about for a time. I remember watching a TV programme about electric trams and trolleybuses back in the 1940's/50's/60's sort of time, and how they were known as "the silent death" due to the number of people who stepped into their path and were...
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    What a machine!!

    You're 'avin a larf my son.
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    Interpretation of the Highway Code changes

    I've experienced three occasions now where somebody has stepped straight out into the road as I'm approaching. In each case I've quite easily and safely gone round them, either to the left or right, but it's still potentially dangerous. I'm not sure whether they just weren't looking, or so full...
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    Highway code changes

    Instead of getting motorists to stop for pedestrians crossing the road at corners, why not install a pedestrian crossing with lights there?
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    Highway code changes

    No. 3. Broke a red light. Also, cycling at speed through a pedestrianised shopping area close to a fair No of people with their backs to him, so unsighted. Any one of them could have made an unexpected move into his path. Although granted, the motor was loud enough.
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    Highway code changes

    The bits where you're (is it you?) cycling on the pavement past the terraced properties surely risks collision with someone unexpectedly and hastily exiting one, especially when coming round a bend? Plus somebody could very easily have stepped out from the far side of the bus shelter. The side...
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    e bike fires for thought. That's the last time I leave my bike to charge overnight.
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    Local Bike Shop: Nottingham

    I've got straight bars as well, and find that after a time my fingers go numb. Have to stop and rest them for a minute or so every now and then. Also, the saddle is rock hard, but I've tied some foam on, which makes it a lot more comfortable.
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    low sun

    I've found the low Sun quite difficult, so just been out on cloudy days - like today. Miserable gloomy day, but almost flat calm and great for cycling.
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    Rear lights: which is best, continuous or flashing?

    I've just taken a look at mine, from the front in a darkened room, and crikey, yes, they are definitely an extremely bright, dazzling white, and yes possibly blinding. I was quite surprised as it's the first time I've ever taken an actual look at the light from a forward perspective. I just...