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    Problem with finding battery/kit to fit small frame 14". Need some help :(

    Rileyy, Convert an S-Works Turbo Levo over to a hub-drive for enhanced performance because engineers at firms such as Specialized and Santa Cruz obviously do not know what they are talking about. What were they thinking?
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    Problem with finding battery/kit to fit small frame 14". Need some help :(

    Firstly I have no data as proof that mid-drive motors are lower and more to the center of a bike than hub-drive set ups. You have me there. The difference is in the feel at starts and on hills. I am in the San Francisco area, so go on a group ride like we do with both kinds of bikes and find...
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    Gravel bike conversion

    Use the e10 chain for electric bikes and you will be fine with your 10-speed. I have done 30 or so such conversions. Yours will be better than new eBikes from stores. You will likely want to mill the inside of the bottom bracket shell to remove burs. You have a beautiful bike!
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    My First Electric Kit Conversion 250W

    A regular adult sized urban commuter bike (not electric) with 700c wheels will out perform a 20 inch wheel bike with a heavy battery and a 250Watt geared hub motor. Show photos of the finished project.
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    Problem with finding battery/kit to fit small frame 14". Need some help :(

    Use the Topek Versa Mounts on the underside of the downtube for the battery. You have plenty of room there for a cage. Weight will be low and centered. Use a torque sensor mid-drive motor. One of these will effectively give you 300Watts from a 250W motor because they are more efficient and...
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    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    Because of carpal and arthritis I am doing coaster brake conversions for people with hand issues in California. An older couple from Mill Valley rode electric bikes for the first time yesterday and beamed like kids.
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    My First Electric Kit Conversion 250W

    I likely did on both counts. Guilty as charged. Most of my (Covid safe) riding mates have commercial rear hub builds and we are friends. My friend Fritz is upgrading to one of these this week:
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    My First Electric Kit Conversion 250W

    Thank you. Isn't it great to have diversity, options and different tastes, just as with music and food.
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    Chain ring adapter - Any good?

    I love it!!! Shimano Alfine internal gears in the back with two rings in the front and a superior chain tensioner (not mentioned). This is tight! Brilliant. Thank you for the innovation. A one of a kind solution. What chain do you use on this build? Do you move the front a derailleur? More...
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    Voilemart Low Power

    I have a 750W I cannot get rid of.
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    My First Electric Kit Conversion 250W

    Forgive me, it has been awhile since I looked at these. The 26in clincher front hub is Non-Geared and 750W with a throttle display and is 48/52V. It has brake cut-outs levers and a 20A controller, branded Voilamart. The 29er is perfect. I paid $440US for it with shipping. It is a Internally...
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    Integrated controllers in hub motors...

    Some eBikes look electric some do not. Just like some guitars. An amplified instrument that does not feel or look overt has an aesthetic appeal to some riders. Service is a bit more involved but not by much. Obviously I repair bikes, I am a bike mechanic and this is a...
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    My First Electric Kit Conversion 250W

    Geared hubs are much better! My problem with them is that I have two that I cannot get rid of. As soon as someone rides an optimized mid-drive they turn up their noses at the hub-drives. No one wants hub-drives. Any ideas of how to dispose of these? Is it ethical to donate them to Africa?
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    My First Electric Kit Conversion 250W

    It is very easy. Watch a few videos. I like to tuck the extra wires in a sack under the downtube with the controller on hub drive bikes. See photo with black sack. A front wheel is easiest but you suffer handling issues and torque steer. A rear is also easy, use twin torque arms - sold separately.
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    Folding ebike - ideally sub £1k

    This is the Electric Bikes Section and not the Conversion Kits Section yet I see some overlap. I took a used inexpensive Giant brand folding bike and put the throttle inside the pedals with a torque sensor so that under California law it is a 28Mph Class 3 eBike. The sensor's sensitivity can be...