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    Why can't we have courtesy bikes?

    A post borne out frustration and not a little irritation. My bike is just short of a year old and has had to go into the dealers for some warranty work as I had an electrical issue and found some burned phase wiring when I took the controller compartment cover off. It has now been in the...
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    Ebikes and the Unfit Very Heavy Rider - A Cautionary Tale for Newcomers

    Nice to get back to the original thread posted by the OP!! :) Great to see you are still at it, Bob. If you have had a bit of a lay-off for a couple of weeks, and are now trying for a longer distance you will feel it in the legs. Especially the knees and the thigh muscles immediately above...
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    Solo elderly tourer

    Just by way of encouragement to the OP, I find I can ride up hills on the ebike much easier than I can walk up an incline. Walking up a slope gets me breathless very quickly, and whilst I can't exactly whizz up the hills, a 25 mile ride over undulating terrain with a few decent hills as well is...
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    Solo elderly tourer

    As a fellow sufferer with heart problems, my guess would be that the OP really just wants to buy an ebike he can get on and enjoy immediately without the potential problems and workload of fitting a kit. Especially if he is not of a mechanical/electrical mindset. If these assumptions are...
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    Ebikes and the Unfit Very Heavy Rider - A Cautionary Tale for Newcomers

    Thats great news, Bob. You have got to be encouraged by that! Re the helmet, I never venture out without one. No good if you get a whack from a juggernaut, but could be a lifesaver in many lesser situations. No brainer as far as I'm concerned, though some will have a different viewpoint...
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    Where are Wisper Bikes Manufactured?

    Pedelecs not Politics, please. I'm becoming fed up with the way so many of these threads become bogged down with increasingly vitriolic political arguments. Wisper posted a very informative thread explaining their new facility and it has been debased by this wrangling. Can we confine...
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    Crank Removal - Bosch Active Line

    Most crank extractors are supplied with a fitted smaller push plate, and a larger plate which can be slipped over the smaller one for a bigger opening.
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    Wisper 705

    I have a 905 with the rack battery, and I guess your arrangement is similar. If you invert the bike (taking care not to damage the handlebar display) and undo the two recessed screws holding the controller compartment cover on you will have all the access you need to the innards of the battery...
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    Zefal Dooback 2 Rear View Mirror Review

    Thanks for the feedback on the Dooback. Useful to know. Zefal stuff seems to be very well made, and is very tactile! I love the fact that the Cyclops is so discrete in terms of size, but can appreciate that the Doo back will give you a wider range of vision. If I rode in very urbanised areas...
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    Help! Clicking noise (bottom bracket?)

    Hi Tezzer. I'm now approaching 2000 miles on the bike, and the noise has disappeared! What it was I have no idea, but, thankfully, it never affected the performance of the bike. Like most cyclists I'm a born fiddler, and over the past 12 months I have experimented with a variety of different...
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    Zefal Dooback 2 Rear View Mirror Review

    Yes, SJS are pretty good for prices and postage. Last time I checked they did not have my size, but thanks for the reminder - I've just checked again again they have them in! £7.99 + £3.50 postage which is a bargain. Just want one for the back wheel and one as a spare (hub motor), and will...
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    Zefal Dooback 2 Rear View Mirror Review

    Postage is the killer with BikeInn. I was looking at Gaadi inner tubes and they are the cheapest I can find, but the postage ruins it.
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    Zefal Cyclop mirror

    Looks a nice, big mirror. Zefal stuff is generally good. I just wanted something which was a definite help but was still unobtrusive. Let us know how the Dooback 2 performs.
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    Zefal Cyclop mirror

    I've been finding it a bit difficult twisting my neck to check following traffic before manoeuvring these days, so I took the plunge and bought a Zefal Cyclop bar end mirror from Amazon for just shy of £10. Done a few rides with it now, and I must say its great. I imagined it would be wobbling...
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    Step through but which is best between them both ?

    Rambla for me all day long. Bigger battery therefore better range, more powerful motor, and much better value for money at £1300 as opposed to £2200.