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  • Part 7.
    By the way, someone here worked out recently that riding a high priced e-bike can actually cost more per Kilometer to
    run than a small car, when viewed over a few years, sad but true!!!
    And most people have both!
    Have a great day.
    Part 6.
    Its also your choice as to whether you heed the infos, but if you have 2000 UK ponds to spend, may I suggest two
    identical hub bikes, which will give you a full set of spares, including a second battery!
    If you need any further infos, I will do my best for you.
    Part 5.
    Repairing such bikes, if and when, is really simple for any reasonable DIYer, or any LBS.
    Please be so kind as to keep this info to yourself, as the "Bosch Bullies" here can get very rude when you tell them
    that their "baby" has problems.
    Part 5.
    One new chain and many brake pads.....It cost new withe 2 batteries, delivery and import duties, including all
    the extras except the GPS (I have one!), just over 900 UK Pounds.
    For generic Chinese (all e-bikes are Chinese, but some try and hide that!) bikes, all parts are available online, and do not have to come from the manufacturer!!! Almost anyone can sell compatible parts.
    Part 4.
    If the chain breaks on a hub bike, the motor can still drive and be activated by either PAS system (air pedaling), or
    the throttle if you have one, and provided there is some battery capacity still, you simply ride home!
    Plus complete hub bikes can be had for less than 1000 UK Pounds, including a second battery. I ride one of them since
    Part 3.
    If the chain breaks, you have to walk home unless you have a spare chain, the tools needed and lighting at night. Plus that you know how to repair it.
    On hub bikes, the only stress is muscle that power goes through the chain, assuming that you are pedaling, otherwise no stress is applied to the chain. The chain wears even slower than a normal pedal bike chain does.
    Part 2.
    A spare repaired Bosch motor, without fitting, and not being new either, costs around 800 UK Pounds, and has been known to fail on the first rude occasionally....
    Also, mid motor bikes have a single point of failure as all power, muscle and motor, go through the same drive chain and sprockets, so they all wear faster, and need to be replaced far more often than a hub bike.
    Part 1.Be very wary of mid motor bikes, especially ones using Bosch parts, as Bosch never supplies spare parts, you must let them pr their service agent, do all repairs and servicing, which you pay for once the guarantee is gone. Its not cheap.
    Part 2 follows shortly. restrictive number of characters, only 420!
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