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    Which make of electric bike do you own?

    BH Emotion City 12Ah 2011
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    spotting other e-bikes

    I saw one, an EcoBike. Since I began to be interested in Ebikes 2 years ago.
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    E-bike expansion in Europe

    There are very very few e-bikes here in Spain. And here where I live I´m known as the guy who has one. I´ve seen another one. And that´s it. People find them too expensive and difficult to service as they an unknown element.
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    Best electric bike for hill climbing

    Tony, you are such a diplomat!:) And which one would do those wonders?:D
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    Electric Bike Magazines?

    Thank you for your wellcome. I´ll be arriving there on July, 9. I hope it won´t be too hot. I´ve heard it´s to be there under such circunstances. But I´m more worried about my smoking possiblilties. I´ve booked a smoking allowed room. I´ll bet I´m going to spend a lot of time there!
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    Electric Bike Magazines?

    Poppy goes to London! I know, I know, some of you will think So what...Big deal! We are going to celebrate our wedding´s fifth anniversary. I´ve been there twice -last time 10 years ago- but she is really thrilled. This time our base is what I´ve read is one of the most practical areas to...
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    Has anyone tried or bought an Emotion bike?

    I´ve got an E-motion. It´s a BH and one of the first models. As Flecc says it seems that pedalling slowly with the smaller cogs gives you the impression that the motor is giving you more assistance. Not enough for me -very unfit-when the hills are long, even if not steep. Other than that, they...
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    Help Needed Urgently!!

    May I ask why 3 Kalkhoffs.....?
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    Torq Tumble

    I say, what a nasty tumble that you took! If it´s me I´m sure I won´t ride again. It sounds quite serious to me. Were you riding too fast?
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    Torq Tumble

    Dogs dogs dogs Aldby, you sure were lucky that the dog didn´t go after you while you were on your a..e. Setting aside your admirable sense of humour, it looks like you must be hurting. Anyway, dogs are one of the reasons why my riding has become less adventurous. None of the off beaten track...
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    tested electric bikes

    Tony, I would have thought that any of the Pro Connect being lighter would do a better job for a bike that needs to be pedalled...
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    Today I shall be riding a .................

    Totally agree with you Tony, me being the average buyer par excellence with my 10 km per day now telling myself that I am exercising. Cinstant mderate pedalling,mind you, So far keeping my weight down. And my smoking, which is no mean feat!