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    Powerbikes eFunduro - E-Bike Race

    Powerbikes eFunduro Saturday the 11th of September 2021 Eastgate Farm, County Durham Gates open: 10am It's now just over a month until we're back shredding up Eastgate farm for the...
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    THE BIG LUNDI FLASH SALE!! We've just sliced 30% off the prices of the Moustache Lundi at =AZX56Lb96hzfBSg1k22L51mht71deyTOVfm38gO2NTCcHcSGgiEk04PEAV2nXyOg5egW8JKKsJQVLYiJ8FCIcTxBg1czofHw1rMHZQXm4XLn2cJ1dSTvu-oyaETS8b-Vrz6WWwnCpuWEaxlHm2voDd6B&__tn__=kK-R']Powerbikes until the end of July as...
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    10% off all Moustache E-Bikes at Powerbikes!

    For this weekend only you'll be able to get 10% off all of our Moustache E-Bikes at =AZWdoYoZwrM9ROZ-q-1u8fPvvExEdDpw4z68SQG7nhkLeCTi021JtuJrwdp8E1ZMxjSoNvNYwo8EaRak5tuCjHnERkcsOanDOQUu6PQDjEhvlU7qi41KDdAaPsfY6z1XdLewD1Usj5Sra_SnKI5_ib5x&__tn__=kK-R']Powerbikes using discount code - Moustache10...
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    Free UK Wide Delivery on All E-Bikes at Powerbikes

    We have a great range of E-Bikes available at Powerbikes starting from £1099. So, whether you're looking for a full-suspension eMTB to throw down trails or a simple bike to commute on, we have you covered! View our in-stock E-Bikes here:
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    Powerbikes Are Hiring!

    WE'RE HIRING! Powerbikes, Whitehaven is seeking a qualified Bicycle Mechanic to help in a busy workshop. This is available as a part-time role with flexibility for more hours during peak periods or full time. Powerbikes is not your average bike shop. We all share the same passion, drive and...
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    The Last Wisper Sneak Preview of the year. 12kg Road Bike

    I have a customer waiting for something just like this! Shame it's not available now.
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    Completely new to E-bikes

    Must have missed that. But that is ridiculously small. I use bigger batteries on model aircraft!
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    Completely new to E-bikes

    If that's true then it's ridiculously small! The capacity should be clearly stated though. Don't think I even have any bikes available with a battery that small.
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    Completely new to E-bikes

    Just having a quick look through that and I can't find any information on what battery is supplied with any of the kits.
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    Completely new to E-bikes

    If you're after a kit I would recommend the Cyclotricity ones. I sell quite a few of these and you can build the kit to suit your budget and needs. Alternatively the Batribike Delta is a well built and popular mountain bike which also has...
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    Deal when buying a new bike

    Really does depend on the bike. There isn't a huge markup on E-Bikes so there is only so much that can be taken off.
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    New to Electric cycling

    Hello Turkeylegs! You won't be disappointed with the Cyclotricity kit. It really is a good kit!
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    Interesting Batribike

    Love it! Always had a soft spot for vintage bikes.
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    Interesting Batribike

    It's a really good feature for anyone wanting it an ebike that isn't so obvious. The Perdu and Quintessential have hidden batteries. I actually really like the Quintessential Battery nicely tucked away in the leather saddle bag Full spec here...
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    Definitely not for commuting

    Not difficult, just expensive. But that's if you are lucky enough to have one break. They are pretty sturdy motors! All motors have their pro's and cons but you shouldn't need worry about replacing them. The few that do break are normally under warranty.