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    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    Slime helps with punctures but it also causes problems with valves , even the pre-filled tubes . Usually on the ride following a tyre pressure check and inflation . If you use it carry some spare valves and a removal tool .
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    Help! Continuously Faulty Bosch Ebike. I want a replacement

    For your next Ebike I would put your business with the firms that support this Site . They have back-up and readily give advice and Support .
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    2- 4 prong 'Silverfish' style battery - advice needed please

    I purchased a Silverfish type battery on Ebay this week , a 15Ah to replace a 10Ah original one on my Fat Tyre Folder . The reason is to improve my range from 20 miles approx . to nearer 30 plus to suit my favourite rides . The replacement fitted perfectly without using the supplied rack or...
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    Help! Battery lock jammed

    It would be better to contact a Locksmith before doing any drilling .
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    Blank KT-LCD3 ? Try this trick

    Thanks for the tips VFR .
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    Blank KT-LCD3 ? Try this trick

    vfr try Googling My Model is there and now described as a` Little Fattie Stepthrough `with a 500Watt Motor . Mine is a legal 250 watt and is a CNEBIKES SR 20B from Changzhou renamed for the Scottish Supplier . My next trips will be along a flat route initially . The...
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    OEM v Panasonic battery

    Go for the most Ah re-cell .
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    Blank KT-LCD3 ? Try this trick

    While on a short ride yesterday on my Lanarkshire E BIKES SR 20 Fat Tyre , I suffered a power failure and a blank LCD meter . I thought it strange as I knew the Battery was nearly fully charged and only 2 years old . On finishing my 2 mile unpowered ride home I checked the output Voltage of the...
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    Battery service on eBay

    I hope their workmanship is better than their spelling . I know about Jimmy `s work at` INSAT `and can recommend him .
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    Help! My Toba Beatbike stepthrough, about 3 years old, and the seat tube has developed a crack

    Source a good Welder to grind out the crack and put a gusset between the seat tube and the horizontal tube . Steel would be easier to fix than Aluminium though .
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    Help! What is the blue button???

    Looks a very good machine for the money and as previously stated the blue button is pressed to go down the gears .
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    Yet another turn any bike into an E-bike motor

    I had a BMW Isetta in 1967 a LH Drive 300cc assembled in Brighton . It had an opening roof luckily , to let the fumes out . The drive wheel at the back was the same size as that of a MINI 3.50 X 10 . It failed an MOT with too much play in the splines of the drive shaft . A Pal and Myself spent a...
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    Priceless, so simple for small businesses to sort out. Good old BREXIT!

    Of course you can become a Welsh Citizen David . Henceforth you will be called Dafydd the Wisper .
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    Priceless, so simple for small businesses to sort out. Good old BREXIT!

    Fordulike I think you have been reading too many Articles in the Daily Express concerning the Devolved Nations of the UK . I can`t speak for Scotland as I live in Wales but I don`t detect any wish to leave the Union here in the South . Every time a Plaid Cymru Spokesman talks about this the...
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    Drosi Bikes Ruthin ` low carbon heroes `

    Well the Welsh Government have called them this . A Business has been set up by two people in Ruthin , N Wales to convert bicycles to Ebikes under a Social Enterprise Scheme . To read about the Enterprise see