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    Invisible battery / hub project - what would be your recommendations for this use?

    I did something similar on a bike with 160mm rear disk, the battery was hidden behind panniers on the rear rack. Display is a neat compact KT lcd4. The kit was a 350w/36v from Yose. It works well but if I was buying again I’d like a motor with more torque and a KT torque (not cadence)...
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    Scott ebike cafe lock

    Some thoughts about this type of lock (I bought 2 bikes that came with those locks fitted, I removed both and used a good cable lock instead).
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    Electric scooters made road legal UK

    Thanks for the info, good to know there are options to move these from being illegal to use in public. I still think anything this small and restricted on a public road is an accident waitng to happen - hope I'm wrong. So after a MVSA test is this classed as a motorcycle? Will it need number...
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    well plod ceased my m8s ebike last night

    I passed my car test many years ago (pre-cameras etc), advice from my driving instructor was that it was ok to break the speed limit briefly when overtaking as driving on the wrong side of the road was dangerous and safest way was to get past and back to "your" side of the road asap. Try arguing...
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    Suspension forks needed

    I found good forks at great prices at Bankrupt Bike Parts, more info
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    Anyone out there local who will install a kit for me ?

    I did something similar by fitting a rear-hub kit to a new 29er, more info Fitting the kit was easy but as most of the wires on my bike run inside the frame it was difficult to find a tidy way to add...
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    For info ... I just tried swapping casings between a pair of Yose 350w rear motors (to put a cassette fitting onto a motor that had a freewheel fitting), the motors look identical but stepped machining on the axles make it impossible to swap parts. Why did I want to swap the internals? My...
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    48V rear rack mounted battery for YosePower 48V rear hub

    I used an old rack-mount frame and cut a slot in the top "deck", then bolted a downtube battery to the bottom deck. A set of panniers on top hides it very nicely. More info
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    Walking and biking prioritised in new Highway Code

    I'd agree changing the rules won't have much effect, better enforcement of existing laws and a major change in attitude by most road users would give a much better result but I don't see a way to achieve it. The problem isn't caused by a single group; we have impatient and poorly trained...
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    Walking and biking prioritised in new Highway Code

    Educational link, thanks for the update. I find it interesting to compare road manners in different countries I'm familar with : Denmark - cyclist have right of way at junctions (it sounds great but the reality is cyclist don't bother to look or indicate knowing the car driver will be found...
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    YosePower Battery Rack, could you make this work with Disc brakes somehow?

    Since you mentioned bodging ... are you ok with basic metalwork ? At the rear, use as-is if your frame has mounting holes, or can you fabricate a bracket (with oval hole to fit over the axle) for the rack to mount to. Not the best photo but see the white brakets on mine...
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    Yose 350 rear hub kit - transplanted onto Scott !

    First impressions are I love the way the re-rimmed 700 rear wheel matches the original front. I’m particularly happy that the rear hub motor with single cross spoke pattern matches the original front with 3 cross pattern :) I’m still deciding about the power, more trips needed...
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    Yose 350 rear hub kit - transplanted onto Scott !

    Just a quick update as I’ve finally managed to get a 700C rim & spokes from the UK. The tyres still need sorting but it now has a pair of matched 29er wheels :):)
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    Rear hub and rear rack mounted battery, too much in the tail?

    There are a few discusions about speed / current controllers if you use Search at the top of the page, eg Both types work and I was happy with the Yose kit for about a year on my first E-bike...
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    Rear hub and rear rack mounted battery, too much in the tail?

    I was using a Yose 350w kit last year with the downtube battery mounted on the rear rack - I found it fine, stable, the power is useful but there won't be any wild uncontrollable wheelies. I tried another bike with a pannier rack battery and found it handled terrible, the difference was that...