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    Experience of Raleigh Centros

    Very happy with our Raleigh Motus (old version). I think we'd be even happier with the new. Certainly look at Cube as well, a couple of neighbours have Cube's and are also very happy.
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    XF07 36v 250w uphill performance

    I had put in 17amp for the simulator above as that is what the Woosh kit had. You can easily change that. Off up the hill with our XF07 in just a moment.
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    XF07 36v 250w uphill performance

    We've fitted one to a tandem. We find it extremely helpful but still need to put in quite a bit of effort on hills. We would have bought a punchier one (as advised by Woosh when we bought it) but could not find a suitable one with 700C wheels at the time. The problem with any hub motor is...
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    Change of PSI changed my biking life!

    In addition to all the win-win benefits already mentioned, you'll be getting much better tyre wear with the tyre properly pumped up. A good hand pump can easily manage 80psi with a bit of time; a track pump is much better. I was lucky with a metal barrel £7.99 one in TKMaxx.
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    Bosch motor system life expectancy

    You've probably found it already, but lots of information at
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    Gecko tyres. Anyone know anything about them?

    I've never used them, but people often say that the foam filled tyres get through spokes really quickly; which is much worse than the occasional puncture (very occasional with Marathon Plus). I see Gecko claim to be different, but ...???
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    Newbie with questions

    Usually the knurled adjuster is on the brake cable itself and does not directly affect the motor on/off switch in the brake. General practice (electric or not) is to adjust it so the brake pads are as near the rim as possible without rubbing ... the truer the wheel the closer that can be. This...
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    New project female frame 26 " wheels

    I certainly agree about brakes if you are going to convert so you routinely go significantly faster ... even then downhill breaking is what is most important and more or less unchanged by conversion; just the 100% to 107% (smaller percentage on a tandem; though of course the baseline is much...
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    £2000 Hybrid (or under)

    We bought our second hand Motus from that shop. We are pleased with the bike, but were not that impressed with the shop. They only permitted a very short test ride round the car park. There were a few details about the setup of the bike that were not as they should have been; understandable...
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    £2000 Hybrid (or under)

    We've got a Raleigh Motus (2016). A couple of neighbours have got Cube's (2018). Both well built and reliable. The more recent Cubes have better Active Line Plus motors, better than the previous generation Active Line we have; that would only be relevant if you were buying 2nd hand as we...
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    New project female frame 26 " wheels

    I like the HS11 we have on our Motus, but I wouldn't bother with them myself as an upgrade. The original twin Tektro V-brakes are doing fine on our electrified tandem (Woosh, another thumbs up) . The way we ride electric bikes (and I suspect many others) does not require any better breaking...
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    Help! Small step through frame

    Sadly, it seems fairly likely that there are not any ready-made non-folder e-bikes that will suit. I think it would be quite a challenge even ignoring 'under £1000'. Paula may have to follow RossG's advice above and go for a folder, or buy a non-electric bike and convert it. Most of us ride...
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    Help! Small step through frame

    The same nominal sizes can be different depending on geometry. Woosh should say what the standover height is with saddle right down; an you should give your inside leg measurement?
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    Lidl Cycling hemet

    Similar (?same) cheaper on Amazon, but no reviews and no comment about certification there either.
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    Covert carrera subway 1

    You might want to move this to the Conversion Kits thread: With (relatively) cheap bikes it can be more effective to buy a complete new electric bike. Either way I'd definitely look at the Woosh site...