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    Cadence and torque sensors

    I thought all Bosch systems used torque sensor, but maybe that just shows my ignorance. A (sort of) related question: are there any ebikes that use genuine cadence sensors to adjust power according to cadence, rather than just for on/off?
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    Walk assist

    As Paul says; more specifically it is the - button. There are slightly random documents for support on the Woosh site. I downloaded one in the past with details on the 529 (including the walk assist). It was more detailed than some other documents there. Not sure if it is still on the Woosh site...
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    Raleigh Motus vs Oxygen S-Cross MTB - which is the best?

    The 26.4kg comes from, under Performance, repeated in the specs We were tempted by a RIO-LS (now sold out?) when we got the Raleigh, but after trying similar...
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    Raleigh Motus vs Oxygen S-Cross MTB - which is the best?

    The Raleigh is pretty heavy (24.5kg), but it seems the Oxygen is a kg or so heavier still (26.4). The Motus has a torque sensor; a little more natural but it does mean you always have to put in some effort. I don't know, but the rear drive Oxygen probably doesn't (most rear hub drive don't) in...
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    Raleigh Motus vs Oxygen S-Cross MTB - which is the best?

    We've got an (older) Motus and it really suits us for fairly sedate riding with some off-road paths. However, I doubt it would class in any way as an MTB. Ours is step-through and hub, both of which probably make it even less MTB-like than newer cross-bar ones.
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    Too much power for 250w motor?

    If you are interested to see a lot of the tradoffs of power, speed, etc etc on many different motors, the ebikes simulator shows lots of information. (It doesn't show risk of burnout though)
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    Hello from central London's hopeful prospective pedelec !

    Several bikes from Woosh would be a lot cheaper and give you lots of fun combined with more practicality. eg the RIO or Santana
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    Help! CX3 handlebars

    Looks like a standard 'modern' threadless headset handlebar. Rather than explain wrong I'll reference Sometimes not much height adjustment and you'll need a stem riser. Lots to choose from, I bought the following which is working well for our tandem...
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    Halfords 48 hour test ride

    At least, up to the available power of the motor. A 10% hill for 100kg (rider+bike) at 10kmph needs very close to 300w, so most nominally 250w motors should do it. ( and look at load).
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    Hi from near Spurn Point Yorkshire has fairly fat tyres, certainly not really fat though. (24in by 1.75in )
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    Information on throttle on green edge

    Sorry, I had lost the OP Greenedge aspect; and was answering your comment with my understanding of 'what you can buy today', eg some Woosh models and if you want to use just the throttle without pedalling, you have to pedal a couple of seconds beforehand. I...
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    Information on throttle on green edge

    No, the throttle will work once you have pedalled, and continue to work even when you stop pedalling. (not sure when it stops working? when you stop altogether? when you brake? ???)
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    Is it worth using a tracker?

    My son had a similar tracked phone; it tracked his stolen phone to a house in London, but there was nothing the police were willing to do about it.
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    Something larger is stronger and more rigid. However, that rigidity can cause more stress at key points (mainly at the J bend where the spoke meets the hub), and that over time can lead to fatigue breakages. The extra strenght can be more than offset by this extra stress. Double butted...
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    First Ride of an Ebike

    Several good quality ebikes had rim brakes a couple of years ago, including our Raleigh Motus. They are more than adequate for our needs.