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    Battery for lights deal 8.4v

    Hiya Planet x are doing small and powerful Lipo 8.4v packs for lights. Cheap as cheap and includes a teeny and nifty (if slow) usb charger that upscales to 8.4v This is 5200mah pack which runs my 3 cree solar storm on max for 2 hours...
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    Making mid drive, help required.

    I thought 18a was max on the bbs01 but guess it depends on supplier. I wouldnt risk 20a on a bbs01 personally. In fact I run my bbs02 at 21a when it can be programmed for 25a
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    Best 6v direct wire light

    Evening folks Been a long time since I was last here, it was a pre C word world! I finally upgraded my controller to one with a 6v light output. I'd be grateful for the forums views on a suitable front light. I realise this 6v feed is weak but it should be fine for being seen. I have...
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    Friday silly - Halfords bargain ?! Only 1500 pounds !
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    Hot hands

    Hello and welcome bizarrely a member posted something similar the other day
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    18650 charger and also case recommends pls

    Hi all can anyone recommend a 2 or 4 x 18650 cell charger ? Market is flooded and I’d prefer tried and tested quality on my nice cells ! I’ve bought cheap before and regretted it. also can anyone locate a 2 x 18650 battery pack /container for running 8.4v dc lights ? I can find millions of 4x...
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    UK - legality of thumb-throttles in DIY conversions

    But what happens if you take the battery out of Mando ? Does the functional pedal really generate enough to power the motor /bike ? I guess they must or i struggle to see how the mando has functional pedals in any true sense.
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    UK - legality of thumb-throttles in DIY conversions

    Guess so
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    UK - legality of thumb-throttles in DIY conversions

    Oh gosh, I thought I knew this but this thread confuses me I believed full 15.5 mph throttle was legal as long as 1. It’s a conversion, not a factory built 2. The pedals must be turning for the throttle to work Is this wrong ?
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    How to remove speed limit - just bought my 1st ebike

    Pretty sure he means connectors . There is no real standard with these Chinese controllers so , for example, the Lcd connector on this may be different from any replacement You either need to solder direct or replace the connectors I think, if D8veh can cos it’s beyond me, to manage some...
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    Dual suspension passenger bike

    Soldering iron ! Doh! Cut and cauterise ! Now I feel a bit daft , so effective and simple and prevents ,as far as possible, any fraying etc I am the fool what spent the pound here , not the engineer who spent a penny :)
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    Fat people discrimination

    I think this is needless semantics to avoid the nub* of the matter tbh You know the difference between choice and discrimination really. And the point over what defines "best" is pure distraction technique (can't fault your application though :) Choice is choosing the high quality candidate...
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    Fat people discrimination

    I agree with the more cloth, more cost, pay more. Simple economics However , I wholeheartedly disagree with your analogy that suggests a personal choice in which sex to date is in anyway akin to discrimination in the workplace . You confuse choice with discrimination I choose a red car over a...
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    BBS02 Tuning for Muppets....Dillenger Switcheroonie.

    Simple answer , yes. Massively You can keep 25a max current but change the individual pas settings. Mine starts at, I think 40%, on pas1 and up to 100% on 9 That’s 40% of 25a . The drain on my 11.6ah Panasonic PF celled battery is very noticeable . Both in terms of sag and also range