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    Lights that work with a a basket

    So I have fitted a Rixen and Kaul Alingo basket to my GTech bike using the klickfix system - only to realise that I now cant use my front bike light as it fits onto the handbar which is now obscured by the basket. Any recommendations for a bike light that clips on so I can attach it to the...
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    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    My e-bike has transformed my working day. we moved house about 7 months ago and I was dreading the commute. I used to be able to walk to work but the new place is 3.5 miles away and very very hilly. The walk would just take too much time out of the day to do it regularly. We do have a car but my...
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    Total cost of an ebike, around 45p a mile?

    Some of these comparisons don't seem fair as you are only including the cost of the e-bike, not the cost of the car too! My ebike was £1K I spend about £120 per annum on bike and accessories. I would expect the battery to last 2 years before replacing. Battery charge costs 4p Travel per week is...