Stephen Gray

I see cycling in all its forms as a very beneficial activity for us all.

It should not just be a weekend leisure activity, often for those who otherwise drive everywhere,

I'm interested in the politics of transport, which despite the press stating otherwise, is heavily skewed in favour of motoring and the lorry.

We have a major public health crisis, in the form of inactivity, obesity and the myriad of stress related illnesses.

Regular cycling must have a part in tackling this, in my view.

Or maybe the "Roads Lobby" would suggest building more roads to allow easier routes to the gym?

We can follow the best European practice on cycling, or we can have more of the same.

If we say nothing and do nothing, in my view little will change, as the unseen and all powerful "Roads Lobby" continue to exert their influence on politicians of all shades, apart from Green I imagine.

To conclude bikes are not toys, they are so much more than that.

Happy cycling
Jun 24, 1958 (Age: 63)
Winlaton Mill 6 miles from Newcastle
Retired Environmentl lHealth Officer