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    For Sale Panasonic 26 volt Mid Drive Spares.

    If anybody is still riding an e bike with the Panasonic 26 Volt mid drive motor, I have two spares. One unused motor sprocket and one used jockey wheel assembly. Free to collect from Winlaton Mill, 6 miles from Newcastle. Alternatively £3.50 posted.
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    For Sale Panasonic 26 Volt Batteries and Charger

    Batteries and charger SOLD. Frame minus forks with 26V faulty Panasonic mid drive motor free to collect, for a few days, then if no takers for scrap.
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    For Sale Panasonic 26 Volt Batteries and Charger

    I have sadly had to scrap my Raleigh Dover e bike. I now have two batteries for the Panasonic 26 volt crank drive system. One is 10aH and the other 18Ah. All 5 lights on when charged for both batteries. The larger one has a broken carry handle but this does not affect performance. Also an...
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    Replacement For Shimano STEPS Charger

    Thanks Andy-Mat for your helpful suggestion. The charger is with my brother just now, as he attempts to repair it. On your link the e bay one from Germany (used) is the right one .It has an adaptor for the battery. My original doesnot need an adaptor. Any alternative chargers out there ?
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    Replacement For Shimano STEPS Charger

    My charger for E6000 Shimano STEPS battery has stopped working. Looking on line, I see the new chargers have a smaller battery connector, not compatible with the old one. Worse still, the adaptor costs almost £40, incredible for a small plastic and metal item. The obvious question is, can I...
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    For Sale Bearprint Racing Green 19" Frame Electric Bike With Twist Throttle. Brand New Boxed

    How much is it please ? New with throttle is unusual but not to complain about.
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    For Sale Brompton Electric 6 Speed. (Genuine Brompton, not a conversion)

    Hello Big G, Remember me ?.We met at the Land of Oak and Iron for tea. So sad that your Mark 2 Brompton had to go, due to your elbow injury. I hope you make progress and can ride once more. Your price was very fair and I have no doubt the new owner will enjoy it. Best Wishes Steve Gray
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    For Sale Riese and Müller Delite GT Nuvinci

    Can you give me the frame size please ?
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    Cycle tracks

    It is some years since I tried this on a 20 inch wheel Dahon, non assisted bike. Starting from Scarborough, it was indeed very rough n parts. This is symptomatic of the British attitude to off road cycle routes. Billions for road improvements and a few scraps for those 22nd class citizens...
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    Full Throttle Folding E Bike....,Any Suggestions |?

    Hello Artspeck, I have sent you an e mail today. I look forward to receiving more details.
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    Full Throttle Folding E Bike....,Any Suggestions |?

    Hello Mike, Thanks for your very useful post. Are there any bikes you do sell without throttles, but to which the buyer may add one, sold by you later ? Best regards Steve
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    Full Throttle Folding E Bike....,Any Suggestions |?

    Hello Artspeck, Thanks for your very useful information. If you decide to sell your Freego please let me know. For now it would be good to know the wheel size and length when not folded. My friend has to store it in a small communal cupboard. She has bought an E glide now but may well do...