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    USA and ebikes

    This may be of interest:- Electric Bikes Gaining Traction - BusinessWeek
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    Thoughts on the Agattu prop stand

    Door stop on prop stand This is what it looks like and also shows the angle of lean.
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    Thoughts on the Agattu prop stand

    My little mod has the advantage of not making the arm stick out any further from the bike centre line which I find useful.
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    Thoughts on the Agattu prop stand

    Weird coincidence! I had only seen the couple of further breakages. So glad you are enjoying your Agattu. I get more attached to mine every day that goes by. It has just the right amount of shove to avoid getting breathless while never making one feel one is simply being propelled. And of...
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    Thoughts on the Agattu prop stand

    My Agattu was delivered with a faulty prop stand, and although 50 cycles immediately sent me a new one I remained slightly dubious about the very obvious strain which it placed on both the frame and the prop. Now several others have suffered from broken prop stands, and my worries have...
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    If it's a change and a rest, Flecc, it is very well earned. Enjoy yourself and we will hope to see you again later.
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    Well folks spring really is coming - I can state if for a fact. In order to avoid a traffic roundabout in heavy traffic, I cheekily cut through a back route into a hotel car-park and round the hotel gardens. It was a bright sunny morning and I passed between two large beds of massed...
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    Girly bike!

    Useful if punctures could be coloured! :D
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    Two Part Agattu Mudguard

    I had actually forgotten about it. Automation can be a pitfall!
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    Prospective purchasers

    Well I should say at once that I know nothing of commerce or finance and my gut feelings are just that - hunches. We HAVE to stop the carbon cycle. That is going to involve cutting down on car usage among much else. We don't have any options here - this has got to be done. One way to...
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    Week 16 or not, that is the question ?

    My offer was just that - not in any way a threat. I am of no importance but Flecc is vital. I've now had my say and shall say no more. Nobody has been hurt, nobody has lost money. Small things like a fire at Panasonic or Derby cycles could see people still waiting this time next year...
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    Week 16 or not, that is the question ?

    Possibly 50cycles too get fed up with exactly repeated moans and ignore them when nothing can be done. I have told of my own experience on here, which is one of fast efficient service, including the replacement of a faulty part without fuss on any sort. If people want smarmy salesmanship then...
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    Week 16 or not, that is the question ?

    None at all - the first time. It's when they blow off steam on here over and over again in exactly the same way that it gets irritating to say the least. And it does damage. It has already lost the forum one valued supplier. If steam has to be let off every thirty seconds over a matter which...
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    Week 16 or not, that is the question ?

    I'm a little loath to speak having got my Agattu almost as soon as I ordered it, but things have now come to such a pass that one feels bound to stand up and be counted. This constant bitching at 50cycles is now not so much bathos as absurdity. There is nothing 50cycles can do; people have GOT...