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    Anyone seen this bill? I'd love to see someone stop me and try and fine me for riding on the pavement (safely). They would deserve a good smack in the bracket.
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    new aliens

    Cool, good to see someone flauting the 'law' in such a blatant way! Personally I'd go on the side of caution though and make a fast bike that looks like a granny bike. I wouldn't ride his Neutron Star because its too obvious. Love the bike though.
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    Alien gents power problem

    First one was loose connection at back of the key barrel - solder had come apart so I resoldered it and it worked for about 5 months before failing completely due to an unknown problem making the voltage suddenly drop. 2nd one lasted only a couple of weeks, same problem. Third one cut out...
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    Alien gents power problem

    I never connected the Displayer for my last battery and it was the shortest lived yet.
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    I give up ... ?

    If you keep up low cadence pedaling with a moderate torque in a high gear like I always did when my electric bike was working it does wonders for your fitness. I can go miles without breaking a sweat now albeit a little slower than when powered. Either that or its just discipline - I got used...
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    Alien gents power problem

    Sounds like the Battery Management System is flaking out when something is connected to it and drawing power. I've also been through 3 36V Alien batteries but when I had a problem they all seemed to read less than 25 volts but would also return to normal if left for a while and then fail again...
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    Alien gents power problem

    Where are you measuring the voltage after connecting the controller to the battery?
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    Yep almost definately the Alien kit. I guess thats what you get if you fit both the electric cut-off brakes and the charge meter. Personally I'd just have the Throttle going to the front and maybe one brake lever because the thumb throttles can stick in the on position.
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    DIY electric bike builders dream!

    Maybe worth it if you're specifically after a 700c project bike and don't have one already. Personally I just want a Torq Mk1 front wheel :)
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    DIY electric bike builders dream!

    I suppose they justify saying its a Torq mk1 because that's what the frame is :cool:
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    DIY electric bike builders dream!

    Are you sure that's a Mk1 torq? There's a 2006 Torq on ebay as well at the moment which would make it a mk1 but the front motor looks totally different.
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    Which is best Synergie e-bike or Alien

    Just my opinion - I don't think they are connected at all. Their website design, graphics, advertising style and language as well as the way they sell their bikes and business model seem entirely different.
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    Alien Vs Ezee kits

    I upgraded my Alien Kit to take a new controller bought from e-crazyman on ebay for about £20. This allows it to be used with 48V. In fact someone on here (Tiberius I think) has tested this motor/controller combination up to 72V :eek: It is pretty easy to do, in fact it would be simple...
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    Suzhou Bafangs wheel bearings

    Don't forget to fill em up with distilled water :) and they like pickled onions too.
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    Hub Gear problem - not electric bike specific

    Well I found this thread on a single speed forum slipping chain....possibly end of my singlespeed experiment... « Singletrackworld Most people are saying swap to a push up tensioner. Hopefully I can just put the spring in the other way around to make it push up. Another person said that a...