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    Wanted Mid drive wanted

    What is your price range as the mid drives like Shimano steps etc can be expensive
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    Battery Storage/Use

    I am just the messenger, only passing on what Volt emailed me during lock down what with more using and charging their EBike . However I think it wise to recharge and store carefully. Also one can think it’s a way of marketing to sell more batteries.....
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    Battery Storage/Use

    Hi, I thought I would post this info if anyone is interested, especially newbies..................
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    British Brands

    Volt Depot Milton Keynes. Shimano components
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    Pet carriers

    Hi I use this for my dog, it also has a detachable mesh net zip over cover if required to stop pet jumping out, plus attached inside strap for harness or lead. Purchased from Amazon about £30
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    Help! Volt Infinity LS or Cube Town RT Hybrid Exc 500?

    Hi I have the Volt Axis with same Shimano Steps and gear system and am very impressed with machine and Volt back up , dealer to me local. Crank drive super easy as is gear changes. Excellent on hills and very good battery range. Bike specs and build excellent. Cannot comment on Bosch never used one.
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    E bike general discussion and recommendations

    How about Volt EBike with Shimano Steps mid drive , Shimano internal gears that will change automatically if you so wish or manual at the press of a button.
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    Question about Walk Assist on Shimano Steps

    I have Shimano Steps 6100 I have it automatically go to gear 3 when bike stops ready for the off, no problem shooting away hills or otherwise. I found walk assist great, I run out of tarmac and hit soft sand just dismounted into walk assist, no button needed to hold down, pedals don’t get in the...
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    Which e bike for 70 year old

    I am in my 70’s with cardio problems. I recently purchased Volt Axis shimano steps mid drive. Hills now no problem never mind how steep. Also a folder which fits in car boot for further excursions. British company parts and local dealer, sorted.
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    Ideas for comfortable (+ reasonably priced!) saddle

    I just purchased this saddle cover, excellent makes original saddle far more easier, comfortable over longer distances.
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    Hi looking for advice on folding electric bikes

    I have a folder Volt Axis, with battery in place they are heavy, no problems pushing/walking unfolded but I would struggle to lift it folded up steps,,stairs, buses, trains etc. However folded, great for lifting into boot of car which is the only reason I wanted a folder.
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    Ticking/Clicking noise from back wheel ?

    Thank you all gentlemen for your input and advice. Problem now solved it was about half dozen loose spokes. Picked up a EBike specific spoke tool from Halfords £6 now all fixed. What a great forum this is when knowledgeable members contribute their wisdom. My bike is now as quiet as a church...
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    Ticking/Clicking noise from back wheel ?

    Thanks Guys, I take it all spokes need tightening with a spoke tool. A trip to Halfords tomorrow
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    Ticking/Clicking noise from back wheel ?

    Hi All, I have a very noticeable ticking/clicking noise coming from my back wheel I assume. It is there at all speeds and gears constantly, as if something is brushing the spokes. The bike is a Shimano steps crank drive Volt Axis. I have looked incessantly into this, it only occurs when I am...
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    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    I am in my mid 70’s in my younger, fitter days I used to enjoy days out leisure cycling and off road mountain biking. However as the years have caught up I can now only take my dog for a walk. As I now suffer from cardio vascular disease, I find walking any long distance without a rest...