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    Range with Yamaha motor

    I’d recommend you look at a low mileage used Bosch motor Haibike so you aren’t worried about the warranty if you fit a dongle which in my opinion is a must. The depreciation of new hardtail is steep as I found out losing a grand in 8 months On my first Cube hybrid hardtail. I recommend the...
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    Help! New eBiker with Motorhome?

    You need something like this. It’s a Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500. Bosch motor,full mudguards and built in lights front and rear.
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    Bike repair stand

    Boss stand for chunky monkey. Feedback sports.
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    In search of a cyclescheme-friendly commuter bike

    This has a few hours left on e bay. Drop the seat right down and you should fit. Offer a grand.
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    NEW Carrera Crossfuse

    A good steppingstone to the bigger leagues.
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    Batribike Alpha - derestrict speed

    I know this is a very contentious issue and understand why many on here are absolutely against using speed enhancing technology. The government could ban pedelecs outright or insist on everyone taking out insurance if there was spate of accidents due to the higher speeds unrestricted pedalecs...
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    Hi everybody, I'm a first time e bike purchaser. I'm buying a Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500. I'm in my middle 60s. Any advice or tips?

    Welcome,and good choice. I have very same bike and can only report positives. The only alteration you may want to make if you predominantly use the bike on the road is to change the tyres for slicks instead of the knobbly ones it comes with. It will extend your range with the battery on a long...
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    Hi from Scotland

    I’ll bow to your superior knowledge of the Activeline plus motor ,as it is quite obviously a very different alternative to the CX motor in many ways. The range you are getting is very impressive on flat ground. The 50 nm motor obviously requires less power and therefore stretches the range...
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    Hi from Scotland

    I have the Cube allroad hybrid 500 and think you would struggle to get anything near 100 miles from the 400 battery. 100kms maybe if you leave in eco mode. The assisted walk function on the cube would be ideal for those stairs once you learn the knack. Leaving the bike outside is a big no no if...
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    Derestricted or legal

    Have there been any prosecutions for having speed enhancing equipment fitted to a Pedelec just as a matter of interest in the UK?
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    Derestricted or legal

    Yes,I fully understand that. I think this point has been covered on several threads.
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    Derestricted or legal

    I’m not sure how motor bikes came up. I certainly wasn’t referring to them. Maybe my term”racing bike “ threw you. My simple point is 15.5 mph is too slow on the road in my opinion,and I would always stay under the legal limit on shared pathways if I had to use them. I find the concept of...
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    Derestricted or legal

    Without the de-restriction dongle, I would go insane hitting the treacle all the time.I bought my E-bike as a tool to get me to and from work in a timely fashion.I can almost run as fast as the current limit of 15.5 mph.I bristle with anger when I think about big brother trying to rule my life...
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    The joyous day has arrived.

    Considering we are now entering the frosty mornings time of year and the speed I can attain on the flat roads what tyre would you recommend, please.
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    The joyous day has arrived.

    I shall look into the tyre Can you explain why you recommend tubeless tyres, please. The sinterd pads look a must so will look into that. As for the kickstand,well i'm not doing to many canal paths where space is an issue so will stick with it(as it's useful) for now. Thanks for your input:)