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    Problem with my Bafang HD

    It's not easy to replace them. most people would buy a new controller, but you shouldn't do anything until you've tested to find out what's wrong. If it's a nicked wire, it takes 2 minutes to fix and costs about 2p.
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    Battery lock drilled

    Are you sure that it wasn't you that nicked it and tried to drill the lock? Why would anyone want to steal an old Bosch battery? I could understand if it were a new bike.
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    Problem with my Bafang HD

    have you tested them yet?
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    Giant lafree Twist

    It depends what you want it for. I know a few people that found that they work quite well as a garden trellis. Others use them as a decoy bike. You put your normal bike securely locked in the shed and a Giant twist in the garage.When the stupid thieves brake in, they don't know what it is...
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    Mosfets for Bafang HD

    The controller is potted, so it would be quite a job to replace them. Aren't you going to complete the story in your other thread?
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    Nmh battery

    There could be some better options if you give all details of what you have.
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    Crystalyte hub kit on tandem

    That's a good sign, but not the whole story. Some need a pull-up resistor to make them switch, which would typically be on the controller's pcb. 10K would be a typical value, but it should work with anything from 3k to 30k. Have you got a resistor anywhere that you can poke down the back of the...
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    Curious about speed limiters

    Most systems use wheel RPM to calculate the bike's speed. Some get that by measuring the wheel speed directly, and many hub-motors get it by measuring the motor speed. In the old days, you could trick some systems by falsely setting the wheel diameter, but many many now only use that to...
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    Crystalyte hub kit on tandem

    There's no way to get any voltage on the PAS when it's disconnected, as it has no power supplied to it. There's either something wrong with your measurement or your meter, or do you mean that you measured the connector on the controller with the PAS disconnected? Try removing the blue pin from...
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    Need help with a voilamart controller 48v 1000w

    Only buy one that says "max current 26A continuous" or more. The word continuous is important. It won't be a cheap one. Read the listing. It says up to 250w. That's 25% of your 1000w motor.
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    Mxus freehub removal

    You could try going direct to MXUS sales. They're normally a happy helpful bunch.
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    You can use the motor wheel, but that's going to work out expensive. KT controllers only work with KT displays, and I'm not sure of the compatibility with that kit's harness. Also, you need to look at your motor cable connectors and cable lengths to make sure that they reach, otherwise you need...
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    Help! Himo z20, Fido d4s/d2s or second hand Woosh Rambletta? Budget Folding E-bike advice wanted please!!

    If you want to keep a bike indoors, you can make an ordinary bike very flat and unobtrusive by fitting folding pedals that you can get on Ebay , and, assuming a standard 1 1/8 Ahead type clamping stem, fit quick release screws to the clamp, so that you can turn the handlebars in line with the...
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    Help! Handlebar throttle partial power only

    Are you sure that you haven't set it to 4km/hr?
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    Problem with my Bafang HD

    Check out the motor connectors in the controller compartment. a loose one would give the symptoms you describe, and so would a dodgy mosfet, so it would be worth testing them while you have the cover off. It's probably also a good idea to make sure that the phase wires aren't nickeds where they...