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    Controller Light Output - Uses?

    I'm not sure what you're saying, but if you have a three wire brake connector and you want to connect a 2-wire brake, it should be connected to the signal and ground wires, not the red 5v. The brake signal wire is connected to the controller's CPU. It's held at 5v by a pull-up resistor, and the...
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    Help! Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help?

    Try the other way round then. Maybe the fall damaged the torque sensor. Disconnect it and see if the bike works with the throttle. Unless it's a brushed motor, the only way the controller can give power to rotate the motor is by a signal from a sensor. The controller CPU normally checks all the...
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    Help! Power/Torque Upgrade for Heavy Duty Soundsystem Trike

    If he's Polish rather than East German, it's Andrew, the guy in my photo, who I know. If I remember, I'll phone him tomorrow and find out what diffs he uses.
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    Help! Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help?

    I think that you might have damaged the throttle cable from the fall. Follow the cable from the throttle until you come to a connector. Disconnect it and see if your regenerative braking and torque sensor works again. If everything works except the throttle, then you know it's the throttle. You...
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    Byocycle Chameleon FD folder controller/display problems

    I think you might have figured it out correctly, but I have some reservations. If it's an analogue one, the green wire gives an analogue signal to the controller for the PAS speed. For a three level one, it would be something like 1v =level 1, 2v = level 2, 3v =level 3 and 4v = 4mph. I've never...
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    Newbie looking for help

    That's it above. You need a couple of washers or some sort of spacer on the axle between the motor and the drop-out. Arrange the spacers so that the caliper is in the middle of its sideways adjustment. That will make the motor even wider and the frame will have to be stretched further, but...
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    Dead HESC

    If I take everything you said at face value, my logic says that the motor connector became dislodged in the downhill ride so that there was a partial disconnection. When she started to pedal again, the motor controller gave it's power, but couldn't rotate the motor because of the incomplete...
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    Help! Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help?

    Can we have some more information about how the bike suddenly working? Were you going up a hill, stopped at traffic lights, went over a big bump or what?
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    Newbie looking for help

    Yes, just pull or lever the forks apart to get the motor in. All bikes have the same 135 mm wide rear forks. Its a standard. There are some exceptions, but those are mainly unsuitable for motors. The amount of force you need to put the motor in depends on the construction and stiffness of the...
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    Coyote connect

    Before buying a new one, you need o determine where the fault is because these devices often indicate a fault elsewhere. Their main function is as a switch to power the motor controller. The bike will work without the control panel if you make the connecion yourself. To do this, you follow the...
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    Newbie looking for help

    OK, thanks, that makes sense now. Cassette motors are about 10mm wider than the frame, so you have to spring it in. You might need a big screwdriver or something like that to help lever the motor in. Another thing you can do is get a piece of 10mm threaded rod, a couple of nuts and a couple...
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    Newbie looking for help

    Can you show us what you've got? Is it a front motor kit? What is "it" that's too narrow, the motor or the fork?
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    Help please

    It's not an s866. You better show us what it is.
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    Gazelle Easy Glider Battery Options

    You can get cheap batteries on German Ebay. Search for Panasonic Akku
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    Dead HESC

    That doesn't explain how it happened. Did it start misfiring when you were riding, just go dead in the middle of a ride or what?