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    Juicy Ticket Review

    The Whoosh Faro was released a couple of months after I purchased my Juicy Ticket. Specs are VERY similar. Long range 17Ah externally mounted battery option on Whoosh. 10.4Ah internal battery option for Ticket. Battery and controller on Whoosh is accessed from the head tube after removing the...
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    Juicy Classic Dutch or Apache Wakita City 2020 model 26 inch?

    RobF and whoosh. It's tough out there for everyone. OP can ask for discount. Retailer knows his margins and stock turnover. Respect for anyone running their own business and keeping their head above water.
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    Hub drive bike suitable for hills?

    I'm doing a challenging approx 15 mile round trip and approx 8 ah battery is just enough. I'm slightly heavier, and carry a few kilos more in a pannier, on a bike with a very similar spec to the Faro, and my hill is much steeper than yours. So 15+ah battery I think.
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    Belt or chain, derailleur or hub?

    Loved the crank motor nexus 7 hub setup of my previous bike, and the hub outlasted the rims of my rear wheel, so would also highly recommend disk brakes. I believe the 7speed hubs are slightly more robust than the 8speed. Previously always had problems with derailleurs, but my current 8 speed...
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    Suntour NCX suspension seatpost

    Short review: Not cheap. Excellent. Buy one. (minimum seat height will be raised by approximately 8cm)
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    Juicy Ticket Review

    Update after a few months and over 1000 miles of daily winter commuting: Bicycle is going strong. Added a Suntour NCX suspension seat post and Bioflex onGel seat to further smooth the many bumps and potholes. Rearranged the hardware on the handlebars for better access to controls and also...
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    Juicy Ticket Review

    That is where I saw it. Torque sensor response is quite fast, and can be dialled back if preferred. Excellent on hills; some threads on pedelec suggest the aikema motor should overheat on steep inclines but I have found it to be very capable, and not hot to touch after an extended climb.
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    Juicy Ticket Review

    Positive feedback for after sales service from Juicy (and the Electric Bicycle Company in North London). Dropped bike off at nearest re-seller, the Electric Bicycle Company, and kudos to Colin who replaced the controller and kept me informed of progress. Replacement brake lever not in stock, but...
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    Juicy Ticket Review

    Reviewer: Zerodrum Purchased From: Juicy Purchase Price: 1549 Time Owned: two months Local Terrain: Hilly - see below Juicy Ticket. Not my own bike, but same make, model, colour. A good looking, nicely designed bike which with a few minor changes could be an excellent buy. Looks...