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    Shoulder ache, handle bars too wide

    Since I have been hammering around on my Haibike Trekking 4.0, I have had neck and shoulder aches. My neck muscles were sore and it was affecting my posture, giving me some cracking head aches. I couldn't figure out what it was as I had never had them before and been cycling for many years. It...
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    I have found that I have subtly modified my Haibike Sdurr0 4.0 Trekking, and thought I would share them with you just in case it is useful to others too: 1. Raised handlebar. I found it more comfy in traffic to have my head lifted up more, so for about £12 I got a longer stem which extended the...
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    Haibike gear change issues

    I have a Trekking 4 and have covered about 450 miles so far. I am finding that the gear changing is really poor - it will change easily enough against the spring of the derailleur from 9th up to first (small cog to the bigger cog), but coming back down the cogs it delays changing gear, jumps...
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    Bike horns

    After a few recent incidents where going 'ding' just didn't work, I am looking to put a louder device on my bike. Any one use anything or have any experience using a loud horn? Or can anyone recommend one?
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    Is it me? Plus, first time in the wet! (video).

    What a wet day this morning, not helped by some daft old codger leaning right out into the bike lane to pick up 10p he had spotted! Looks further away than it was, my pedals must have almost scalped him! I need a loud horn, going 'PING!' just doesn't cut the mustard. Good news is the Haibike...
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    Not safe even in Tunbridge Wells

    Out and about on my Haibike Trekking. Need your wits about you cycling anywhere these days, even Tunbridge Wells. You couldn't miss me as I was all hi-vizzed up and had my lights on. Still, no harm done this time. Still, gives me a chance to muck about with my editing software anyway: That...
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    Review Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0 initial impression

    Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0, purchased 10th of Jan 2018, mileage covered so far 59 (I would have done more, but it was -3.5 this morning!) Modifications/additions: Toe clips, camera, panniers Reviewer: Paul Rainbow Purchased From: ebikes Direct in Bodiam. Collected it myself from ebikes fully...
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    Ebiking through North Farm estate in Tunbridge Wells

    I have a camera on board my bike all the time. Only a cheapy £17 Go-Pro look-a-like. Thought I would have a go with the editing software on my PC. Never done it before direct from my PC, but here is me on my Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0 with a Yamaha centre crank following my wife on her very...
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    Haibike newbie questions

    Really enjoying my new Haibike Sduro Trekking 4, but I have two queries. First one is, the display shows mileage, odo, & trip. Trip and odometer I get, but what does the mileage mean? It doesn't reset, but just counts up lie the odo. The other thing is that when I freewheel then start...
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    Attitudes of non-ebikers

    Since I have discussed getting an ebike with friends and acquaintances, the overwhelming reaction is "that's cheating!" in a derisive manner. I find myself having to explain why I want one, that I have a 'normal' bike (two in fact) I also use, and no I don't have any medical issues for getting...
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    KTM Macina Fun 4, any reviews?

    Found a good deal on a 2016 model that they want to move on as it’s getting on a bit for a new bike. Can’t find any reviews on line about this trekking bike, it seems a really well built bike. Any one got any experience of it? Is £1500 a good price for it? Would it be a good trial/track (Cukoo...
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    ebike convert after 50 years!

    I have an old Saracen mountain bike I commute with, and a lovely 1976 Dawes racing bike I have had since I was 15 (now 56). Who needs a powered bike, thought I? The management has now started to use her bike more but struggles due to a hip problem, so we did the Halfords 48 hour ebike test...