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    Help! Woosh bike battery, need help with mounting frog battery, somewhere somehow, safely

    Hi guys! I was posting here before when I was looking to get a kit for my tiny 14 inch frame. I went with the woosh bikes Bafang mid crank kit which works great, but the battery or more like the quality of the mounting kit for the battery is just terrible, rubbish, I'm so disappointed...
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    Problem with finding battery/kit to fit small frame 14". Need some help :(

    Hi! I'm looking to buy some conversion kit for my bike I'm not sure what to choose and how much will I have to spend(My budget is 500, max £550) I don't have to go too fast, but need to do 11 miles twice a day to work. Another problem is my frame is small and I'm afraid I won't be able to mount...