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  1. Julie

    Taxpayer-funded electric bikes to get more cyclists on roads

    Does anyone know anything about government subsidies on electric bikes that might be upcoming? An article in The Times newspaper suggests it is going to happen . “The subsidy level is yet to be fixed but if it mirrors the electric car scheme, it would mean a third off the price.”
  2. Julie

    Help! Bosch ebike won’t turn on

    I went out for a small ride on my Cube Elly bike with Bosch activeline motor, it’s probably done less than 200 miles from new, it’s maybe a couple of years old, my mother gave it to me as she never uses it. It was working fine, a few hours later I want to ride it again but it’s totally dead...
  3. Julie

    Low step with 20” wheels

    I have a lovely ebike with 28” wheels that I use for long distance commuting, I also have a 20” none electric folding bike that I use for short journeys. And I find the 20” wheeled bike so much more fun, it’s small, lightish and very approachable, while my ebike is powerful and perfect for the...
  4. Julie

    Rear hub motor. Step through. High torque. Suggestions appreciated.

    Can anyone suggest a suitable bikes for me to consider? I want a utility bike that will primarily used for pulling a trailer with an up to 60kg load. I want a high torque rear hub with cadence sensor, it must have a step through and smallish wheels, no bigger than 26", idealy smaller. I don't...
  5. Julie

    Help! 16” wheel kit with throttle

    Hi, does anyone know of a 16” wheel hub motor kit that can in installed with a throttle? I have a kick scooter with 16” wheels and I’d like to add a motor to it, I want a low power kit with a small battery (10 mile or so range would be ok), I know this would currently not be legal on UK roads...
  6. Julie

    Trailer for heavy loads.

    I'm looking to buy a trailer for my ebike to carry heavy loads, i will be using it to take soil and rubble to the local tip, which is about 3 miles away with a long steep hill to climb, I will also be using it to carry sacks of animal feed. I want something thats stable and durable, the Carry...
  7. Julie

    Help identifying Bafang rear hub motor

    I went to the cycle show at the NEC today and had a demo on a bike I really like, but I don’t think it is for sale from a uk retailer, I’m trying to find a similar bike, that has the same motor as I liked the way it rode and handled. I might consider buying a kit and installing it on a donor...
  8. Julie

    Freego Wren

    I’m selling on behalf of my mother, her Freego Wren electric bike. It is about 4 years old and has always been kept indoors, it has been ridden less than 300 miles from new, as she did not get on with it. She has just bought a Cube Elly, which she seems to get on with better due to hub gears...
  9. Julie

    Locking Security Skewers

    I'm looking to buy some locking security skewers to replace my quick release skewers, so i don't have a to carry around a cable to secure the wheels when locking up the bike. It is not left in a particularly crime ridden location (works bicycle rack), so I think skewers that require a speciality...
  10. Julie

    Carbon fiber road bike suitable for conversion?

    I have a carbon fiber road bike that I don't use any more, could it be converted to an ebike? Is carbon fiber strong enough to endure the torque? It's a low end Planet X frame. If not, could I replace the CF fork with a metal one and install a front hub motor?
  11. Julie

    Suspension seat post. Suntour NCX 12

    Can somebody tell me what the minimum seat post extension I'd need to use a suntour NCX 12 Is? Many thanks
  12. Julie

    Pannier rack for Haibike Sduro Cross 7.0

    Does anyone know if the Haibike Sduro Cross can take standard pannier racks? it seems similar to the frame of the Sduro Trekking which has a rack. I ordered an Sduro Trekking 5.0, and i got a call to say they did not have stock, and they have offered me an Sduro Cross 7.0 for the same price...
  13. Julie

    Would this bike be suitable for ebike conversion

    Hello I have a nice hard tail mountain bike that i've not used for a few years, and i'm considering converting it into an electric bike for commuting, i'd like to add a geared rear hub motor. I don't want to do any permanent modification to it, for example i don't want to drill holes in the...
  14. Julie

    Water on battery contacts

    I had the misfortune to get caught in torrential rain while riding my ebike about ten miles from home, I found out my waterproof jacket and trousers were merely shower proof and I got drenched. But my worry was about my poor ebike, not only was it enduring heavy rain, but I also had to ride...
  15. Julie

    Has anyone compared assistance of Dongled Bosch CX to derestricted Oxygen

    Hi Has anyone had experience with riding both a Bosch CX performance motor with a badass dongle, and an Oxygen S Cross derestricted? I'd be interested to know how the 2 compared regarding degree of assistance and ease of maintaining speed. I have a bike with a Bosch CX motor and badass dongle...
  16. Julie

    Oxygen S-Cross ST

    Hi, I've searched online and i can't find any information regarding the frame measurements of the Oxygen S-Cross ST, only that it is a 17" frame, but no specific information about the other tube lengths. I can't find what recommended heights it might be suitable for, I've contacted Oxygen...
  17. Julie

    Bosch motor, plastic part hanging off

    Hi I got my new Trek emtb a couple of weeks ago, and have noticed a part hanging off, inside the plastic part it seems a bit tacky, as though it is normally glued on. Is it something i should be concerned about? does it need professional attention, or can i just put some tape on it to hold it...
  18. Julie

    Bosch performance CX 2018, ease of installing badass dongle?

    Hi, After a couple of years of deliberation I’ve finally bought an ebike, it is a mountain bike with a Bosch performance CX motor, I’ll be using it for about 50% off road fun, and 50% very long commutes (about 28 miles each way). The commute is mostly flat countryside roads I’d like to get the...
  19. Julie

    Mini Experiment, electric Vs manual

    I've been considering buying an electric bike for my commute to work, I wanted to know if there would be any benefit using an electric bike over a decent manual road bike. I wondering if the extra weight of the electric bike (3x as heavy as road bike) would counteract the benefit of the motor...
  20. Julie

    50 Mile round trip commute, feasible or not?

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice. I travel to work, 4 days on 4 days off, its about 25 flat miles each way. My car is getting old and is becoming a money pit, and i’m not keen on the idea of buying another one ( I really dislike driving) so i’m considering other forms of...