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    Wisper 905 standard speedometer seems wrong

    Hi everyone I have a wisper 905 standard. It is working fine but the speedometer seems to be out. I have been comparing the the distance and speed on the bike to the 2 apps on my android phone. There is a difference every time. Now I know the gps in the phones can be inaccurate, but the...
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    Which one I should go for?

    Hi everyone The time has come to find me an electric bike too. The budget is low so looking at used and ex demo. My wife has a wisper 705se that both she and I like. But I would like something a bit different. I am 95 kg so just under 15 stone 5'9". Found this big bear plus...
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    Please help to choose E-bike for 2 child trailer and unfit parents.

    Hi everyone Me and my wife are looking to buy an e-bike to drop of our 3 year old son at nursery that he starts in September. Since our daughter (who is 18 months) cannot really look after herself alone, she'd need to come along for the ride. We are looking to buy a trailer and a bike in the...