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  1. Andy1865

    S900 display

    Hi all. My S900 display has a USB output, is it possible to wire 2 (12v-85v) lights to a USB cable and too have them work when i plug the USB cable into the display. I aint no whizz when it comes to wiring so rather not mess with any other wiring of the ebike. Sorry forgot to mention my battery...
  2. Andy1865

    S900 handlebar mounts

    Hi all. Does anybody know anybody who can 3D print some S900 handlebar mounts. I have broken mine through over tightening. I have enclosed some photos of the offending article. Hope somebody can help and make some £'s. Thanks. Andy.
  3. Andy1865

    Unknown suspension seatpost

    Hi All. I wonder if someone could help me i.d this suspension seatpost. Its 27.2mm dia and 310mm long. It has a carbon fibre weave outer skin with a bolt seat rail gripper. The only bit of writing has worn off, but the etching provides no clues. Thanks. Andy.
  4. Andy1865

    Suspension Seatpost

    Hi all. Does anybody have some recommendations for a suspension seatpost for a Fat tyre ebike. My Cane Creek Thudbuster is too tall for me to swing a leg over so now surplus to requirements unless somebody who know somebody wants to buy it, got other elastomers and a thudbuster glove with it...
  5. Andy1865

    Battery Charge

    Hi All, when it comes to charging a battery up, do i run it into the ground first then charge up from empty or charge up after every ride out. Which is the best method? Cheers for your input. Andy.
  6. Andy1865

    Replacement LCD(S900) on a FAT26

    Hi All, if anybody has a Ecotric FAT26 and has replaced their LCD(S900), could you enlighten me as to what they have. Thanks. Andy.
  7. Andy1865

    Ecotric controller

    Hi All, i have already altered the mph on my Ecotric fat tyre and wonder if by pulling the two white wires apart it would derestrict further but all i get is a grinding sound from the motor, so clipped them back together and no sound. Can anybody tell me why it makes a grinding sound?. Thanks...
  8. Andy1865

    Battery question

    Hi all. Does anybody know if the controller will work if i add a 48v battery to my Ecotric26 instead of the 36v battery. The S900 display can be changed to 48v but i dont know enough about the controller. Will that need swopping and if so, what make and model would i need. The motor is 500w...
  9. Andy1865

    My Fatty

    My day out on the Leeds/Liverpool canal at the Locks at Gargrave.
  10. Andy1865

    S900 lcd alternative

    Morning all...does anybody know a good alternative of the S900 lcd on an ECOTRIC FAT26, as i cant get hold of the handlevar mounts/brackets so that any other lcd that does not have plastic mounts. The photo is the connector for the lcd and the controller is a 36v Tongsheng...
  11. Andy1865

    Wanted S900

    Andy1865 submitted a new listing: S900 - S900 Learn more about this listing...
  12. Andy1865

    Torque arms

  13. Andy1865

    S900 display handlebar mounts

    Hi all and hope your all safe. I have over tightend my handlebar mounts on the S900 display when putting the display on the handlebar and i have snapped the mount. Does anybody know where i can buy the replacement mount please without buying whole S900 LCD? Thanks Andy.
  14. Andy1865

    Ebike lighting

    Good afternoon to all. Quick question would i be able to run 2 led units each containing 9 smaller leds rated at 9v to 85v per unit off a 36v battery without the use of a fuse. If possible tap straight into the battery via the discharge red and black wires and put my own on/off switch in the...
  15. Andy1865

    26" × 4" fats

    Advice on best fat tyre's for beach and snow ebikes. Where size does account for somethings
  16. Andy1865


    Is it not about time the laws that deem the 15.5mph be looked at again now that we are seeing alot ebikes capable of over 15.5mph?
  17. Andy1865

    36v Hailong battery

    Hope uve all had a reasonable Christmas. I currently have a 36v 13Ah Hailong downtube battery, would it pose a problem to upgrade it to 36v 15Ah, or would i be best advised to keep at the original Ah for a 500w motor? Thank you.
  18. Andy1865


    Good evening All. After just buying a ECOTRIC FAT25S900 500w and wanting another battery(36v 13Ah, bms 20a) to allow me to travel further, im struggling to find the right battery. Ive tried ECOTRIC but they say they dont ship to the U.K, so now asking does anyone know where i can get this...
  19. Andy1865


    Hi all, could someone please tell me if the S900 display and control pad are waterproof? Thanks. Andy.
  20. Andy1865

    S900 display

    I recently purchased a FAT26S900 fat tyre ebike from Ecotric for which i am very impressed about, but i have alittle question about the start up of the display always displaying P.A.S-1, is there anyway of making the display show P.A.S-0 on start up apart from actually pressing the down key. Ive...