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    E Bike Motor label and Suppliers

    HI, Can anyone help I have a couple of Questions I. I am looking for a TSDZ2 supplied from Pswpower or similar supplier with an EU depot. Does anyone know if these are stamped with or labled with the motor rating in this case 250w to make it legal in the UK. 2. Has anyone used the Chinese...
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    TSDZ 2 Lifespan

    Can anyone enlighten me on the llifespan of a TDSZ2 in standard form in terms of mileage. I assume that these can be repaired in some circumstances so an estimate of the amount of attention as well as the total lifespan would be useful. How doe thes it compare to other mid drives in these terms.
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    Hi I am new to e biking I have been looking around this and other forums with a view to converting a Hard tail for general off-road and some on road use. I have narrowed it down to a mid drive conversion but have a few questions. Does anyone have some recent information concerning the long...