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    Help! Buget ebike for a budget of €1500 for leisure cycling

    Hi there , any recommendations on an ebike at this price point ? I hear that a little lower than this and the motor is in the wheel while at this point the motor starts to be found in the crank , any recommendations on a good quality bike appreciated
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    Market value of an ex rental Kalkhoff Agattu 2016/17 ?

    Hi there , What would you realistically expect to pay for a second hand Kalkhoff Agattu e-bike ex rental , regularly serviced and in good working order ? Excuse the poor picture , not sure of the year I think it is 2017 or 2016. Thanks for any insights , J
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    Odd Kahlkoff headset design , how to tighten it up ?

    Hi Folks , Kahlkoff insist on doing things their own way with headsets . index=1 Has any body got any idea how to tighten up / adjust the one in the video ? It does not have the usual top nut , star nut set up as seen on threadless headsets . It seems to be tightened by screwing the notched...
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    Changing bottom bracket bearings in a kahlkoff impulse motor?

    Hi Folks, I have a Kahlkoff pedelec that has play in the crank arms . Were it a regular bike i'd assume the BB had gone and would replace. However as you know it has an impulse motor down there . Is it possible for me to open the motor and replace the bottom bracket bearings in there ?Could...
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    Kahlkoff Intregale Headset , how to tighten

    Hi , does anyone here have any clue as to how I tighten the play out of a kahlkoff intregale headset ? I see that there are two parts that scew out of each other to create the pressure once the stem is locked on but they wont stay in position despite me tighten all the visible bolts , Thanks...
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    Sqeaking from kahlkoff Impulse Kranks

    Hi I have a Kahlkoff Pedelec here has a very loud annoying squeaking coming from either the cranks or bottom bracket . There is an impulse engine on it . I took off the chainring and greased everything up but no improvement . I cant see where the crank would be rubbing the chain guard or...
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    Help needed removing chainring from a Kahlkoff impulse motor

    Hi folks , Has anybody any idea how I get this locknut off so that I can remove the chainring ?D I need a special tool here ? Thanks J Edit I managed to get the lockring off with a hammer and a small flatblade screwdriver , but how in Gods name is it supposed to go back on ?Its way too...
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    Replacing a chain on a hub geared kalkhoff electric bike

    Hi all , I am looking at a kahlkoff electric bike here with a very worn chain according to my chain checker device. Do I need a special electric bike chain ? the bike has hub gears .Or will an 8 speed chain do ? While I am here , has anyone any idea if leving a worn chain on the bike will...