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    Pedal assist problem

    New build everythings turned out alright just having problems fitting the pedal assist sensor managed to fit the disk but the sensor tried to mount it in various positions but doesn't seem to work. So now am thinking of buying one without the separate disk want to no are they any good? Or any...
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    Which battery

    Hi got rid of my other bike as it was a nightmare finally purchased a new bike and have installed a 1000w rear hub motor. I'm wanting to buy a battery preferably 48v 13ah or more but there are loads on ebay and don't want to end up with a Chinese cell battery. Any recommendations as which one I...
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    How to turn bike off

    Charged the battery and connected old controller with the new throttle I ordered and its running fine think 35amp controller pushed the battery out of balance and low think charging sorted it out happy bunny now lol Only issue I'm having is the throttle I ordered is a 5 wire throttle and there...
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    5 wire throttle

    Have a 5 wire throttle but on my controller I have 6 wires any idea which wires go where thanks Controller has red black green yellow brown white Throttle has red black green blue yellow
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    Need help

    Hi I'm from the dewsbury area Wf133ax Just wondering if someone can come and sort my bike out for me the amount of time Ive spent onit is beyond a joke and no luck in getting it running. Got 3 different controllers 2 lcds but no luck on either one. Or if anyone has a 1000w controller I can buy...
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    Throttle not working

    Have 6 wires on controller red black yellow white brown green for where the throttle goes broke the throttle that came with kit so ordered one of eBay with same coloured 6 wires. Wired it all up but just battery indicator lights up when I press switch but wheel does not spin. Surely wires should...
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    Ebike keeps cutting off have

    I have a