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  1. Simonwwfc

    For Sale Mirider 2021 camo edition folding e-bike

    Im selling my mirider 2021 camo edition folding ebike I’ve done 70 miles since new . It’s fully unmarked like new . I bought it in august this year from eco bike company paid £1650 it has a two year warranty. Range is around 30 miles fully charged with 5 pas settings . Only reason for sale is...
  2. Simonwwfc

    16” front suspension fork for folding bike disk brake

    Sorry to post again Can anyone provide any links 16” front fork with disk brake Must be 1 1/8” steerer tube , threadless , a head type
  3. Simonwwfc

    Wanted Wanted suspension forks

    Looking for forks to take min 20” wheels and disk brake . Must be 1 1/8” steerer tube , thread less , a head type No wanting to spend a absolute fortune please and ideally black
  4. Simonwwfc

    Suspension forks needed

    Hi all Please can anyone provide a link as my problem is suffering with tennis and golfers elbow in both arms we went and bought just rear suspended bikes with 16”’ wheels now I can’t no longer stand the pain from every bump with hit so it’s either sell mine or swap front forks . I’ve found...
  5. Simonwwfc

    Mirider ebike banned from Facebook page

    People Be aware if you purchase a mirider ebike if you say anything negative regards there bikes admin remove you . I have said about poor paint work on my wife’s , also stating stuff they sell over priced as on eBay and net much cheaper . They are quick enough to take your money just over £3k...
  6. Simonwwfc

    Onebot s9 lcd5 hack

    Hi all Has anyone done a speed hack or increased speeds
  7. Simonwwfc

    How do you unlock Sine-wave Torque Simulation KT Controller

    Is there any way I can unlock The speed limiter this is the lcd controller and it’s got a Sine-wave Torque Simulation KT Controller fitted how do you also acsess settings ?
  8. Simonwwfc

    Mirider 2021 how good are they for money

    Hi all been recently looking at two folding ebikes we have come across the company mirider based up north . Now how are they with issues . Spares . Etc are theses worth the price tag £1495 and camo design £1625 ? My only worry’s is battery and distance ? Can you unrestrict them if required ? As...
  9. Simonwwfc

    Onebot s6 versus s9 what’s the difference and is it worth the money

    Been looking at theses cheap onebot s6 ebikes I like the look of them with the small rear shock mount etc now can any give me feedback please as looking at one for the wife . Now can anyone explain the difference between the s6 and s9 ? Is it just range . Is the s9 worth the extra money we only...
  10. Simonwwfc

    Looking for his and hers folding ebikes around £800 max each

    Hi all looking for two folding bikes for me and the wife . Batt range around 35/40 miles , possibly front and rear suspension maybe at least rear , max batt charge 6 hours , disc brakes if possible , hopefully can be derestricted and purchased in uk thanks peeps
  11. Simonwwfc

    Can you make a 500w rear hub work with a 17.5ah 36v batt

    Question for tech people My mk11 2020 oxygen mtb runs on a 8 fun 250 watt rear hub , it has a 17.5 ah batt 36v now what’s is required to make a 500watt rear hub work to give it more Power thanks
  12. Simonwwfc

    Clonk noise from crank

    Hi all my 2020 oxygen mk11 mtb has a clonk noise coming from the crank area I can feel it through the peddles when you do a full cycle peddle it’s only just touched over 500 miles from brand new any ideas
  13. Simonwwfc

    Mag wheels/rims

    Advise please Not everyone’s cup of tea but can you fit mag rims to a mtb or is this a no no My tyres are 27.5x2.10 What rim size IF I wanted to get some would I need plus I never go off road or do trails etc only road riding many thanks
  14. Simonwwfc

    Broken spokes on such a new ebike

    Is this common or uncommon that a spoke has already broken on my new ebike it’s only a few months old , never been off road , done 290 miles , it’s a oxygen s cross mk11 mtb I’m sure it’s got 14 gauge 2mm 230mm lenght ones black spokes with silver nipples
  15. Simonwwfc

    Broken rear spoke changing help

    Hi I’ve got a broken rear spoke on my oxygen s cross mtb mk11 does the whole wheel need to be removed and also tyre and inner tube ? Also do I need to take the rear disc off is there any thing else I need to be aware off many thanks never changed a rear spoke before
  16. Simonwwfc

    Changing rear spoke

    Hi can this be done with out removing the rear wheel , it’s a oxygen s cross mtb or does the rear wheel have to come off plus tyre and inner tube . Is there any thing else I may need to remove ie rear disc thanks first time ever had to replace a broken spoke
  17. Simonwwfc

    Mtb style helmet with tinted sun visor / goggles

    Hi everyone I’ve gotta invest in a cycle helmet now , I’m looking for a mtb style helmet with Peak and magnetic tinted visor That can be worn together is this possible .
  18. Simonwwfc

    104bcd 46t chain ring bash guard

    I’m trying to locate the above but unable to find one why are they so hard ? Can a fit a 48t as these seem available but not sure if they will fit
  19. Simonwwfc

    Chain bash guard 104 bcd 46t

    Hi all I can’t find any where a bash guard for my 46t 104bcd chain ring looking for red or black can anyone point me in the rite direction
  20. Simonwwfc

    Let’s see your car rack carriers

    Been looking at Thule raceway 3 to carry our two ebikes £350 for when we go away